The function of yoga mat is not only to prevent skidding, but also to protect. When you are doing some knee landing movements, if
If the mat is large and thin, the knee will have a strong sense of compression with the ground. For example, when we do the tiger pose, only one hand and one leg touch the ground, and the rest should be lifted to keep balance. If you have done this movement, you will really understand what your yoga proficiency has brought to you?
Yoga mat is not only a tool, but also a tool to protect your body from harm. It can better protect your spine, knees and other joints, and help you get healthier. The yoga towel can be used as an auxiliary tool to pad on the yoga heat; One is to increase the length of the sole, and the other is to use it for rest
During the operation, it should be placed on the body to prevent catching cold.
2. How to choose a yoga mat
TE pad is the most environmentally friendly
TPE is the top grade product of yoga mat, free of chloride and metal elements, and anti-static. Each mat is about 1200g, about 300g lighter than PVC foam mat, which is more suitable for carrying out.
, with a thickness of 6mm-8mm; Soft, fit and strong grip - it is better to place it on any ground
Abundant. Compared with PVC yoga mat, it is about 300g lighter and more convenient to carry.
The advantages of TPE cushion are light mass, easy to carry, easy to clean, and excellent slip resistance in dry and wet conditions. However, if the TPE material is of high purity, it has no smell.
Most PVC foam mats still have some taste because of the process and cost, which cannot be removed.
PVC is affordable
PVC foam (the weight of yoga mat is about 1500g with the content of PVC of 96%) is the name of a chemical raw material and a raw material. But pvC
Before foaming, it was not soft and antiskid. Only after foaming, can we produce finished products like yoga mat and anti-skid mat.
characteristic; PVC materials are affordable and can be bought everywhere, with guaranteed quality and high cost performance.