22 precautions for using electric blanket
Now more and more people will choose electric blankets for heating in winter. As long as you plug in the electricity, you can get hot. The electric blanket is convenient and fast to use and has good heating effect. However, there are also points to be paid attention to when using electric blankets. If you ignore these details, it may cause health hazards.
1. The electric blanket should be laid flat on the bed and cannot be folded, because it is full of wires. If folded, it may bend and break the wires inside, causing the possibility of electric leakage.
2. When laying the electric blanket, don't stretch it too hard, just lay it gently, because the wires in the electric blanket are very thin, and too much force can easily cause the wires inside to break.
3. The temperature of the electric blanket can sometimes be very high, and it is easy to cause low temperature scald. So when using the electric blanket, you should not directly lay it on the layer that is in direct contact with the body, but put a thin layer of mattress or bed sheet on it to avoid scalding due to too high temperature.
4. When using the electric blanket, do not put anything on it except the thin mattress or bed sheet, otherwise it is likely to cause a fire due to the local high temperature.
5. The electric blanket should not be used continuously, because the continuous heating can easily lead to the ignition of the bedding. Although this rarely happens, we should also pay attention to take precautions.
6. Turn on the electric blanket switch an hour or two before going to bed, so that it can heat the bedding.
7. The electric blanket is made by winding the electric heating wire, which will produce magnetic field, and will be harmful to human body if used for a long time. Before going to bed, turn off the power, take out the electric blanket, and then go to bed.
8. Even if it is low-grade, you can't sleep with the power on until dawn, which is easy to cause chronic burns.
9. After using the electric blanket, the mattress will feel wet, which should be caused by the moisture in the body. If you continue to use the electric blanket on the wet mattress, it may cause a short circuit. So we should dry the mattress every few days to keep it dry.
10. Put a cup of boiling water at the head of the bed to avoid water shortage due to too much volatilization of water in the body due to too hot use of the electric blanket.
11. You should also apply some lotion on your body to prevent skin from drying and peeling.
12. Remember to turn off the power supply of the electric blanket when you go out, otherwise it will easily cause a fire.
13. If the electric blanket is not used, it is better to put it in a separate place. Never put other things on it, because the more things you put, the greater the damage to the wires in the electric blanket.
14. When buying electric blankets, you must pay attention to the factory information of the product, see whether it is a regular manufacturer's electric blanket, and see whether it has a qualified inspection label. If not, no matter how good the quality of the electric blanket is, you cannot buy it.
15. When choosing the electric blanket, it is recommended to choose a thicker corduroy fabric, because this kind of fabric is more comfortable, and it is also very comfortable to use, so as not to cause low temperature burns, and it is not easy to cause damage to the wires inside when using, and it is not easy to cause damage to the wires when storing.
16. The fire of electric blanket is generally caused by uneven heating of electric wire. During use, it must not be folded, bent, cleaned, or left open all night. It is best to turn it off before going to bed.
17. Generally speaking, the service life of the electric blanket is 7000-10000 hours, that is, five or six years. It will age after expiration and is easy to cause fire, so it should be replaced regularly.
18. In case of fire, cut off the power supply immediately, cover the fire place with dry cloth, and do not splash it with water, because it is easy to cause electric shock.
19. Do not apply the electric blanket directly to a part of the body for heating.
20. Do not cover the electric blanket with flammable materials, such as newspapers, clothing, etc.
21. The electric blanket is suitable for use on the hardboard bed, not on the Simmons, steel wire bed and sofa bed, because the wires are easy to deform and break after being stretched or twisted.
22. The electric blanket should be placed between the quilt and the bedspread, not under the cotton mattress, to prevent the slow heat transfer and the local high temperature from burning the elements and causing fire.