In the process of losing weight and shaping, no matter how anxious you are, give yourself some time. Because losing weight or getting in shape is not something that can be done in a day or two, it requires our long-term unremitting efforts, and both should be premised on ensuring that it does not affect physical health.
In the process of losing weight, we always say diet control + exercise, and during exercise, we always say that strength training and aerobic exercise should be combined. Even though strength training can't directly consume fat, it is the secret to keeping us in shape for a long time and making our body bumpy, because one of the benefits of strength training is to improve basal metabolism, and the improvement of basal metabolism is good for fat of burning.
Among the many strength training, we may think of going to the gym, or to find an atmosphere, or to think that the equipment is more professional, or to give ourselves a little motivation, and so on. However, walking into the gym is a good thing, but it also prevents the majority of us from persisting for a long time due to time and other conditions. In addition, exercise is everywhere, and strength training is no exception, so we can choose a way to make it easier for us to stick to it, and this way is to do it at home and only need to prepare a pair of dumbbells.
In view of this, let's share a set of dumbbell movements. In this group of movements, almost all parts of the body are involved in training. In the actual training process, choose the weight of dumbbells according to your fitness needs. For ladies who want to shape up , Choose a small dumbbell of about 1.5kg, 12-20 times for each movement, 2-3 groups each time. For friends whose main purpose is to increase muscle, it is more suitable to choose an adjustable dumbbell combination to continuously challenge themselves. At this time, use heavy weights, 8-12 times per movement, 2-3 groups each time, 3-3 per week 4 times.
Exercise 1: Seated Dumbbell Press
Mainly exercise the front and middle deltoid muscles
Sit upright on a stool or fitness ball, keep your chest and abdomen up, hold dumbbells in each hand and raise them to both sides of your shoulders, palms forward, and your upper and lower arms are vertical
Push the dumbbells up from both sides of the body until the arms are straight, but do not lock the elbow joints. Be careful not to touch the two dumbbells when you press
After stopping for a while, actively control the speed and slowly lower it to restore
Exercise 2: Standing dumbbell lateral raise
exercise middle deltoid
Stand with your feet slightly open, chest and abdomen, holding dumbbells in each hand at your sides
Raise the dumbbells sideways up to shoulder level, elbows slightly bent
After stopping for a while, slowly lower down to restore
Action 3: Bend over the dumbbells and fly
exercise rear deltoid
Stand with feet apart, lean over about 90°, hold dumbbells with both hands, fists facing each other, elbows slightly bent, arms perpendicular to the ground
Stretch your arms out to the sides while turning your arms so your fists are facing down
Tighten your elbows, use your shoulders, and imagine that your entire arm and dumbbells are moving as a whole
When lowering, turn your arms slowly inward and close, rather than free fall
Action 4: Bent over one-arm dumbbell row
exercise lats
Support your body with one arm, hold a dumbbell in the other, put one leg straight on the ground, kneel on the bench with the other leg, lean forward with your upper body, hips back, bend over and make sure your back is straight so your upper body is almost on the ground parallel.
Contract the shoulder blades, press the elbows against the body, and quickly lift the dumbbells to the sides of the body, stopping for a while at the top
Then slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position while breathing in.