So how to choose a surfboard?

Our most common surfboards are longboards.

Soft board is more suitable for beginners

It is more buoyant than a hardboard, making it easy for a surfing buddy to stand up for the first time.

Moreover, if there is a collision, the soft board is not easy to hurt us.

Hard board for advanced

After we have a certain understanding of surfing, when we want to practice more technical movements, we can choose a hard board.

The hard board has less buoyancy, is more flexible, and is easier to practice new difficult movements.

In addition to the difference between soft board and hard board

There are also differences between longboards and shortboards

in all board classes

There are both novice and veteran.

Generally speaking, the short board will be more inclined to the novice, that is, the action is larger, the strength is stronger, and the violence is more violent.

Veterans are more common in longboards, they will be more elegant, and they can perform board walking movements.

What kind of surfboard to choose, requires us to have a certain understanding of surfing,

Find the style you like and choose the surfboard that suits you.