Golf is a special sport. At the same time, golf has been deeply attracting a large number of fans. But we often see golf clubs, which have many kinds. You should not have a special understanding of the types of these clubs.

  • Golf clubs are mainly used to hit the earth at a long distance because their shafts are particularly long and their heads are relatively light. At the same time, the wooden pole is also numbered. The smaller the number is, the longer the pole is, and the lighter its weight will be.
  • Golf iron and wood. As the name suggests, this kind of golf club is a kind of golf club that looks like iron and wood. At the same time, this club is also called the universal club. Its use method is the same as its name. There are two main playing methods, one is the long iron playing method, and the other is the fairway wood playing method.
  • Golf club iron, which is usually made of stainless steel or some soft iron by casting and forging. This club is usually used on the fairway or at the tee of a three hole hole. This club is very stable.
  • This is a special iron in golf clubs. Its body is made of iron, shorter than ordinary iron bars, and heavier than ordinary iron bars. This club has a rebound angle, which is mainly used around the bunker green or when long grass saves the ball.
  • There is also a club in golf, called putter. Because the stem of the putter is short, and the maximum inclination of the club surface is only 5 degrees. There are mainly two types, including strip shape and hammer head shape. The putter is mainly used on the green. It is a special club that pushes the ball into the hole.

Golf is loved by many people. It can not only let us exercise, but also cultivate our sentiments. It is a very good sport.