Classification of common surfboards

foam board

Length 7-9 feet; width 19-20 inches; thickness 2-3 inches. It is made of wood outsourcing foam, also called teaching board, soft board (other boards are hard boards). This board is very wide, thick and buoyant, allowing beginners to obtain the greatest stability in the water with the same size board, so that they can easily catch the waves and not easily hurt themselves.


Length 8-10 feet 6, generally single-fin. The length of the longboard provides great stability and displacement (buoyancy). Compared with the shortboard, the longboard is much easier on the water, which is very suitable for beginners to practice catching waves. But it doesn't mean that only beginners can play the longboard. The advanced gameplay of the longboard is different from that of the shortboard. You can practice actions such as walking on the board and 360 turns, which is a different fun from the shortboard. There are also very narrow and thin small buoyant longboards for competition.

medium plate

6'5-8'5 in length, usually with three caudal fins. Just like the name, FUNBOARD is a board that can make junior and intermediate ronin feel more fun. The middle board is between the long board and the short board. The middle board takes into account both stability and flexibility. It is more difficult to paddle and catch waves than the long board, but it is more flexible after falling waves. It is very suitable for students who have played long boards for a period of time. To transition and adapt to the short board gameplay.

Classification of common surfboards

short board

5-7 feet in length, with three caudal fins. The shorter length means less buoyancy and difficulty in catching waves. Therefore, the short board starts and adjusts faster, and it can dive. After the wave is down, it can be very flexible to spin, turn, splash water, and even fly 360 degrees on the wave wall. The basic skills of paddling are very solid, and the surfers who already have deep surfing experience.

fish plate

It is also a kind of short board. Because the tail is slit and shaped like a fish tail, it is called a fish board. It is shorter and fatter than many short boards, but the tail of the slit adds flexibility to the tail of ordinary short boards. In the trade-off between the difficulty of catching waves and the flexibility of falling waves, it is more moderate than ordinary short boards. Suitable for small to medium waves.

gun plate

The shape of the board is narrow and pointed, which increases the length and buoyancy while retaining the performance of the short board. Suitable for experienced surfers who specialize in big waves. The gun board allows them to have a faster stroke speed to chase the waves in the big waves, while ensuring the flexibility of the waves, and at the same time, it has enough stability to control the big waves.