1. All round board
The all-around board is the most popular and widely used SUP type, mainly cruising in lakes or calm ocean bays. The versatile paddle is very stable and suitable for beginners and children. Depending on their size and shape, they can sometimes be used for yoga, fishing, and even some small waves.
The versatile type is usually about 10 '- 12' 6 '' long, 30 '' - 34 '' wide, and has a round head.
2. Flatwater/cruise board
These paddles are designed for long distance rowing and are usually longer and more stable than all-around paddles. The longer length makes it easier to paddle with these paddles. They are very suitable for many days of paddling and long-distance travel.
The large size and faster sliding speed make the cruise board an ideal choice for people who are overweight. The board is wide in shape, large in volume and water displacement, and can carry more necessary items for long-distance travel, such as drinking water, food, clothing, etc.
Travel boards are usually 11 '- 14' long and 28 '' - 32 'wide. Because of the width, floatability and stability of these plates, they are very useful for beginners.
3. Racing
Compared with the all-around board, the racing board is usually longer, narrower and has a sharp plate head. Some also have a drainage hull to cut water more effectively, thus making the riding faster.
Because the speedboards are very narrow, they are not very stable, but they glide better in the water than other paddles.
The paddle race is divided into two categories: the length of short distance race is 12'6 '' and below, the length of long distance race is 14 ', and the average width is 24' '- 27' '
4. Fishing board
Fishing boards are specially designed for fishing, so stability is the most important thing, so they are often wide boards. Therefore, there must be trade-offs between width and speed.
The professional fishing board has a wide space to place fishing gear, and should also be equipped with fishing gear accessories and fixing devices. A typical fishing paddle is 11 '- 12' long and 32 '' - 34 'wide.
5. Yoga board yoga
Any paddle with large and stable surface can be used for yoga, but some boards are specially designed for yoga. The yoga board is wide and stable. It is also suitable for families, for cruising, and taking children or pets with you.
The typical yoga paddle is 10 '6 wide and 33' wide, with a round head.
6. Surf
The surfboard has various shapes and sizes to adapt to the rider's ability and weight. The smaller the surfboard, the more flexible the surfing is, but the more unstable it is, so it is more difficult for beginners. In order to catch the waves easily, many experienced surfers began to surf with paddles, especially when the waves were small and weak and it was difficult to catch the waves through the surfboard. By standing on the board, you can also better understand the coming breaking point, so that you can choose the best wave.
The average length of a typical surf paddle is 7 '- 10' 5 'and the average width is 27' '- 32' '.
7. White water board
Whiteboard is a short and wide board. The best whiteboard should have both durability and flexibility. This is a very dangerous sport, requiring paddle experience and professional safety equipment.
These boards are very wide and can also be used as yoga paddles. Generally, they need to be very stable to ride white water. At the same time, they need to have enough sensitivity to avoid rocks and rocks.
The average length of typical whiteboard is less than 10 ', and the average width is 30' '- 35' '.