If you want to strengthen and lift your tush, we think that you need the Resistance Bands equipment.

For a lifted and toned butt, you want to focus on the area where the gluteus maximus connects to the hamstring with standing exercises that implement hip hinges, or floor exercises that work the hamstrings.

Putting in the work to strengthen your backside does more for you than give you peachy aesthetic results. It’s essential for keeping your body healthy. Another perk of butt-strengthening exercises is that they help alleviate lower back and joint pain. These moves are crucial for anyone out there who works a desk job or has any long periods of sitting, which causes your hip flexors and quads to become excessively tight, and in turn, prevents your glutes from firing properly.

How to do: Start on your hands and knees, with a resistance band wrapped around your thighs. Raise your left leg into the air behind you, foot flexed. Stop when it's parallel with your hips. Engaging your glutes, lift your leg up a couple inches, then lower back to hip height. That's one rep.