Go into the pit, Lu Chong! Basic Practice of Land Surfboard (Beginner Level)

1. One foot sliding
Land surfboard glides on one foot, with one foot in the middle of the board, facing forward, with the weight on the front foot, and the other foot pedaling off the ground. Practice repeatedly to master the control of the center of gravity during sliding.
2. Both feet slide
Both feet slide on the board, with the feet facing the left side of the body, and the feet are positioned on almost two axes (depending on the length of the root plate, the most comfortable position to open the feet). In addition, the arms of both hands are extended and lifted, swinging from side to side, so that the body can swing from top to bottom, making the washboard twist and move forward. The force of Lu Chongban is the whole body movement from hand to shoulder, to cross, to leg, and finally to ankle.
3. Swing your arms from side to side, and slide with the straddle force
Lu Chong should glide correctly, and use the cross launching force and the core launching force. Use the thigh power belt to step up, tighten the core, slide to open the span as far as possible, and use the hip belt to step up the thigh, so that the route is S-shaped.
4. Use your hands and shoulders, and turn your arms on your upper body to draw "8"
Open your hands, use your right arm to draw an "8" from top to bottom, and use your body to swing from top to bottom and change the edge of your ankle to draw a small S-shaped line. At this point, you already know how to slide with all your strength. This process needs more practice. Don't rush to swing the slide and do the action immediately. The power is Lu Chong's basic skill. The power is correct, and you can get twice the result with half the effort.
5. Plus the ups and downs of the body
After knowing how to exert force from top to bottom, you can add the ups and downs of your body. Fold, squat, get up, press down, and turn more with your back foot on the pedal to achieve turning and sliding.
The above is just the basic sliding for beginners. You need to practice more, find the right starting point, and find your pleasure in sliding on the land surfboard.