How long can ordinary people learn to surf?
Surfing is an extreme activity driven by waves. Many people like to enjoy the excitement of surfing at sea. How long can ordinary people learn to surf?
1. How long can ordinary people learn to surf
With the guidance and help of exercise, the average person can go up the waves for a while in an afternoon (3-5 hours). Some people practice with each other for 2-3 hours a day. They can basically catch the waves and skate for a period of time in a week.
Keep it for 2-3 hours a day, one month, and it will be more skillful. It is no problem to catch the waves, and it will be more stable to stand, and it will also be more distant to slide.
At this time, you can really start to practice surfing instead of "surfing." The future development depends on the time you play and the strength of your study.
2. Breath holding time necessary for surfing
For beginners and good surfers, choking is one of the required courses. This is to prevent surfers from choking in the sea. Therefore, it is suggested that novice surfers should be able to hold their breath in the water for at least 30 seconds.
Because you are on the unfamiliar sea in foreign countries, you can hold your breath for more than one minute before you sink to the bottom of the water by the big waves, so the wavers who are not determined still practice holding their breath more.
In addition, the training of sense of balance is also an important part of proportionality. Beginners need to bear the training on the shore to the appropriate level, and then take the training to the sea for field practice. Only after the training can they roll freely at sea.