1. This fabric needs ventilation.
The fabric of yoga clothes must be breathable. When we practice yoga. After a lot of warm-up, the body will sweat a lot. If the fabric is impermeable and does not absorb sweat, a steamer will form around the body.
So when you buy yoga clothes, you must pay attention, and chemical fiber fabrics must be rejected. Cotton fabric is the basic choice, but hemp has good air permeability, but it does not shrink. Your clothes are easy to fall off during practice. It is also a good choice to choose cotton linen blend and add some lycra materials to ensure elasticity.
2. The design must be close to the skin.
The design must be close to your body, and you can't choose baggy yoga clothes for two reasons: 1. There is no problem with baggy yoga clothes in horizontal or back bending positions. But when doing handstands, clothes are easy to slip off, exposing the clothes and the interior, which is very ugly. 2. Loose clothes easily cover your posture, and it is not easy to observe whether your movements are in place.
Therefore, you must choose a suitable tailoring design. When you practice, whether it is yoga backbending or yoga handstand or shoulder handstand, there is no problem. If you like this elegant and comfortable loose yoga suit, you can reserve one. It is also a good choice to wear during meditation.
3. Try to choose short sleeved trousers.
There are many styles of yoga, except for the basic short sleeved pants, which vary with people's needs. And the weather is getting hotter and hotter, people will choose some vests. If some people go to the seaside for vacation in pursuit of beauty, many people will still choose bikini.
In fact, this is wrong. Because when you practice yoga, it usually takes 2-3 hours for us to have a complete experience, warm-up and asana training. There will be a simple rest. If it is a short sleeve or vest, especially a bikini, only good photos can be taken. Because I wear too little when I practice, I can easily catch cold. Short sleeved trousers can not only meet your heat dissipation needs, but also will not burden your body.