How to fix feet with high-quality surfboard
Surfing is a very popular sea sport. Its exciting playing method can make people feel the feeling of floating in the wind. For beginners, surfing is a very difficult sport to get started, such as how to fix the feet on the surfboard? After all, the skateboard is on the ground, while the surfboard is in the sea. If it is not fixed, it will be run away.
In fact, when surfing, you need a footrope, not just step on the board. The binding position of the foot rope is at the back ankle, and when binding the forehead of the foot rope, it is necessary to pay attention to the rope head at the back, so that when playing the board, you can stand up without tripping.
If you are a beginner, you also need to pay attention not to play too big waves. After all, the technology itself is not good. Big waves are dangerous, and you also need to pay attention to your personal position when playing. You need to straighten your chest out of the gap, so that you can make the board normally rush up. Of course, if you are standing to play, you only need to fix your personal balance.
Of course, if you are in danger, if you want to start swimming and escape, you should use the fastest speed to open the footrope so that it will not be affected. When you are surfing, you'd better be with friends, so as to ensure your own safety.