Generally, fishing line wheels are mostly used for sea fishing and Luya fishing. There are many kinds of fishing line wheels, including spinning wheels, flying fishing wheels, Luya wheels, etc., no matter which type, they are all used for
It is also helpful for reeling in and setting out during fishing. How to bind and wind the sea pole fishing reel? The method of binding and winding the fishing thread wheel is very simple. The following is the fishing thread wheel binding tutorial, and
We just need to follow the steps to install the thread of the fishing reel.
-How to bind and wind the sea pole wire wheel
1. First, fold the fishing line in half, and then bend the head of the folded fishing line back.
2. Then thread the thread into the circle just formed by itself and tighten it.
3. At this time, they are bound into looper coils. Tighten the loopers on the cup and cut off the excess threads.
4. Then tighten the fishing line so that the looper is tightly clamped on the thread cup of the spinning wheel.
5. After that, close the wire cup holder and wind the fishing line on the wire cup holder, so that the fishing line wheel can bind and wind the line.
2、 How to install the thread of fishing reel
1. Check the winding amount of the reel (generally marked on the reel and the packing box), and select the appropriate model of the fishing line.
2. Install the fishing line wheel on the fishing rod and close the check switch of the fishing line wheel.
3. Knot one end of the line, pass it through a guide ring of the fishing rod, turn over the outlet ring of the fishing wheel, tie the line to the reel, close the outlet ring, stretch the fishing line, check and ensure that
The fastness of the bolt.
4. Keep the fishing line straight and tight, and start to rotate the fishing wheel rocker at a constant speed to wind the line.
5. When the winding height is about 1.5~2mm lower than the edge of the wire wheel, do not wind more or less, or it will prevent you from correctly throwing the wire.
6. Fix the fish wheel on the fish wheel seat on the fishing rod, and then you can prepare to fish. Although the drum type fish thread wheel is not big, its thread capacity is not the same as that of the spinning model
Phase up and down.