Many friends who are fishing for the first time do not know how to use the fishing rod. Today, we will teach beginners how to use the fishing rod correctly and the precautions for using the fishing rod.
1. When using the fishing rod, the plug shall be removed first, and the rod shall be pulled out from the top of the rod one by one in order. The force shall be the same when pulling out. The interface of each rod section shall be slightly tightened without leaving any gap, so that the force on the rod can be uniform, the overall elasticity of the rod can be fully exerted, and the rod can be prevented from cracking. When fishing is over, you should start from the handlebar section and pull the rod back from thick to thin. When pulling the rod back, do not use too much force in your hands. Hold the upper section with your left hand and the next section with your right hand, and then gently twist it in two different directions.
2. The combination of fishing rod and fishing line makes the fishing line double knotted, and is sleeved on the "snake signal" at the end of the rod. The old method of using connectors is abandoned, so that the fishing group will not be entangled when lifting the rod, which is time-consuming.
3. Use of fishing rod is prohibited. During the use of fishing rod, do not immerse the joint of the rod in the water, or it will easily cause the rod body to expand, and the rod cannot be pulled back. During the fishing break, the rod should be put on the support, and do not throw it at will to prevent others from breaking or stepping on it. 4. Precautions for using fishing rod When there are electric wires in the air or in thunderstorm weather, change the fishing point or go to a safe place to avoid rain, so as to avoid casualties caused by electric shock. After the big fish is hooked, the rod must be fully hit and kept at 90 degrees with the water surface when walking the fish, so as to increase the elasticity and toughness of the rod. When the fish is not tired of walking, it is strictly prohibited to pull the rod back and copy the fish. After fishing, the fishing rod shall be opened in time, and the residual bait and dust attached to the rod body shall be washed away with water to avoid pulling out the rod body. After drying, the rod guard oil shall be wiped on in time for next use. If the pole cannot be pulled back because the connection is too tight, the pole can be taken home and handed over to a professional for handling.