Introduction to the general category of surfboard, quickly select the surfboard suitable for you
There are many kinds of surfboards, which can't be summarized in a word. It depends on what angle you stand to divide them. Generally speaking, when we talk about surfboards, we will first think of what material, size and shape are different. For this, let's share the different types of surfboards with you to help you have a general understanding of surfboards.
By material:
1. EPS board: the conventional choice of most surfboard industry brands, the most common one;
2. PU board: more friendly to novices, more common in general club teaching;
3. Inflatable board: It solves the problem of inconvenient carrying of hard board, and is recommended for players with certain foundation.
By size:
Short boards less than 1.7 feet: belong to technical wave boards, which require high skills of surfers;
2.7-8 '6 medium board: generally, the board head is round head, which is suitable for surfers with certain foundation;
3.8 feet and above long board: low requirements for surfing skills, suitable for beginners.
In addition, it can also be divided according to the shape. The plate head has a pointed head and a round head; There are more plate tails, including round tail, flat tail, swallow tail, fish tail, pointed tail, diamond tail, bat tail, etc.