Electric heaters are very popular with many friends because of their small size and heat. However, users may not know all types of electric heaters in the face of a wide variety of heaters. Let's take a look at the classification of heaters, so that users can know what kind of heaters are most suitable for them.

1、 Oil fired electric heater

The oil filled electric heater is also called oil filled electric heater. This electric heater is filled with a new type of heat transfer oil. When the power is turned on, the heat transfer oil around the electric heating tube is heated, and then the heat is emitted along the heat tube or flake. When the oil temperature reaches 85 ℃, its temperature control element will automatically power off. The heat transfer oil of this electric heater does not need to be replaced, and has a long service life. The selling price is generally between 400 and 500 yuan. There are 7, 9, 10, and 12 oil fins. The power can be adjusted by selecting the number of fins. The higher the power, the higher the heat.

2、 Halogen tube heater

Halogen tube is a sealed luminous heating tube filled with inert gas of halogen group elements. There are white and black tungsten wires in the middle. Halogen tube has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, non oxidation during heating, long service life, etc. Some models also have the functions of timing, rotation, humidification, etc. Halogen tube heaters rely on luminescence to dissipate heat. Generally, 2~3 halogen tubes are used as the heat source, and the power consumption is about 900~1200W. They are more suitable for rooms with an area of about 12 square meters. Some advanced products have the functions of automatic power off and automatic head shaking, which are simple and practical in design.

3、 Electric hot wire heater

Heater with electric heating wire as heating material is mainly more and more traditional air heater on the market. Its heating element is an electric heating wire, and the heat generated by the electric heating wire is blown out by a fan. Then there is the new product on the market: it looks like an electric fan. It is heated by a hot wire wound on a ceramic insulating base, and the heat energy is diffused to the room by a reflective surface. Like the electric fan, this heater can automatically rotate its angle to heat the whole room, and is suitable for small rooms below 8 square meters.

4、 Carbon fiber heater

This kind of product is a tubular heater made of carbon fiber as the basic heating material, which uses the reflective surface to dissipate heat. Integral straight barrel type and rectangular floor type: the straight type generally uses a single tube for heating, and the body can rotate automatically to heat the whole room. After turning on the power, the heating speed is extremely fast. The body is already hot in 1-2 seconds. The surface temperature can reach 300-700 ℃ in 5 seconds, and the power can be adjusted in 600-1200W. The rectangular floor type adopts double tube heating, which can be used on the floor or wall. The power is relatively large, about 1800~2000W

5、 Ceramic heater

Ceramic heating element is a kind of heating element which is made of electric heating element and ceramic through high temperature sintering and fixation. It can adjust the resistance according to the temperature of the body, so that the temperature can be kept at the set value without overheating. It has the characteristics of energy saving, safety and long life. The heater does not give off light, has no open flame, no oxygen consumption, has soft air supply, and has the function of automatic constant temperature. The PTC ceramic heater has an output power of 800-1250 watts, can adjust the temperature at will, has no light consumption when working, and has an automatic switching device, which is efficient, energy-saving, and safe.

6、 Electric film heater

The electric heating film heater uses transparent high-temperature electric heating film as the heating material, which is at the world's advanced level in technology. The hot air duct structure is adopted, and the heat transfer mode is enhanced convection. The hot start speed is fast, and the outlet air temperature can reach more than 100 ℃ within 3 minutes, but it will be cooled quickly after power failure. As the electric heating film is free of oxidation during heating, its service life can be 100000 hours, and it has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, etc. It belongs to the new generation of electric heaters. Siphon heat pipe air heater This is a new type of electric heater. It uses a "two-phase closed thermosyphon" as the heat source, with fast temperature rise and high thermal efficiency.