Kite surfing and windsurfing
These two sports are driven by the wind, and the difference between them is also very big, including the difference in learning. The early learning of kite surfing is very hard, which is also a test of one's learning ability and willpower. There are many things to learn, and once learned, there is also great room for progress in the later stage. There are also a variety of sports styles that can be learned without feeling boring. The things to learn are very novel. There is no end to learning the fancy movements, wave board brush waves, jump to experience the feeling of soaring, and all kinds of handsome little movements.

Relatively speaking, the pleasure of windsurfing is not so much. At the beginning, I understand that the equipment coach explains how to pull the sail under the water. I can roughly grasp its principle after studying it for two days. There is little room for learning to make progress. You need to practice every day to make progress. There are also tricks on windsurfing, but it is also very difficult. At present, there is no one in China who can play the tricks very well.