Paddle, also known as SUP, is called Stand Up Paddle in English. As the name implies, it means standing up and paddling. This is a sport originated from Hawaii, USA. In order to manage a large number of students, the surfing instructor can get a better view by standing upright on the surfboard and observe the surrounding conditions.
According to the purpose of the board, it can be divided into: universal board (all-around board), speedboard, surfboard, yoga board, travel board, whiteboard.
But the paddle is such a sunny sport, how can there be few friends? So there are many people playing with the super happy multi-person paddle (many names, some people will call it bus board, super board, dragon board, monster board...). For example, there are American brands that can make the luya fishing board, and recently the fire prevention and rescue teams have also begun to slowly use customized paddle as a rescue tool (wider, more handles, convenient for climbing board rescue).
Except for very special performance and scenario requirements, an inflatable paddle (universal board/all-purpose board) can meet most of the requirements. Ordinary people do not need to complete all types of boards.