Having a strong back and shoulders is important for everyone—but there's more to it than just being able to hoist heavy stuff up onto the highest shelf of your hallway closet. It also keeps your posture looking (and feeling!) proud and can even minimize unhelpful upper-body rotation when you run, making you more efficient so you can log more miles. You will use the Resistance Bands.

Let me introduce a activity to you,Split-Stance Shoulder Press. 

Muscles worked: shoulders

Why it rocks: This banded press is a great way to burn out your shoulder muscles at the end of a workout. Just maintain control both as you press up and lower.

How to: Start standing with feet staggered (right foot forward and left foot back) with knees slightly bent. Loop the middle of a resistance band beneath right foot and grasp ends in hands just above shoulder-height, palms facing inward. From here, press hands straight up overhead until arms are fully extended. Hold for one second, then lower back to start with control. That’s one rep. Perform 10.