Nowadays, people are very fond of fitness and sports. They can not only help our body health, but also achieve the effect of losing weight. I believe that girls will pay more attention to these, and the weight loss effect of skipping rope in these sports is very good. But many people may not know the correct method and skills of skipping rope, let me tell you today.

The correct method and skills of skipping rope
Method: When jumping rope, you should stand upright, your eyes need to look straight ahead, and try not to lower your head; you must master the rhythm of jumping rope, and keep your hands swinging on your heels to prevent you from tripping over the rope inadvertently; you don’t need to jump. If it is too high, as long as the rope can pass through the foot, it is also enough to prevent the knee and ankle from being injured when landing; when landing, be sure to choose the forefoot to land, which can help the next take-off, if it is the full foot or heel landing, The damage to the body is relatively large.

Skills: Use your wrist to swing the rope, don't use your own arm, which will consume a lot of physical strength, but if you use your wrist, it will be easier, so the efficiency will come up; choose the appropriate rope length, this is based on the individual It is determined by the height of the body, and the one that is suitable is the best; to maintain steady breathing, you must also have your own rhythm, and you need to cooperate with your hands and feet, otherwise you will easily trip over during the rope skipping process.

When we master the correct methods and skills of skipping rope, the effect of the whole exercise will be better, and at the same time, it can form a kind of protection for our body, because incorrect exercise methods will damage the human body. While mastering the methods and techniques, there are also precautions to be aware of.

We should wear more comfortable and soft shoes to jump rope, this is to avoid ankle injury; try not to choose concrete ground, but choose grass or plastic ground, so as to prevent knee injury when jumping; one of the jump ropes must be Pay attention to stretching, this is to prevent muscle legs, and it will also maximize the effect of exercise

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The choice of skipping rope is very important~
Skipping rope is divided into two types: weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing. From the perspective of fitness effect, weight-bearing jumping rope will be more effective than skipping without weight-bearing.