As an aerobic exercise, skipping rope has a good weight loss effect. At the same time, it is also an exercise suitable for all ages. So how do you master the skills of skipping rope? Let me introduce to you how to master the skills of skipping rope! 

How to master skipping skills

  1. Place the skipping rope before practicing skipping rope

Lay out the rope before you start jumping. The jump rope should be placed in the bend of our knees, or naturally at the heels.

  1. Choose the appropriate jump rope length

The length of the skipping rope should be moderate, neither too long nor too short, otherwise it will affect everyone's practice of skipping rope. You must choose the appropriate jump rope length according to your height. To judge whether the length of the skipping rope is appropriate, first place the skipping rope in the bend of the knee, and the arm is just straight, indicating that the length of the skipping rope is suitable.

  1. Use your wrist to drive the skipping rope, not your arm

When jumping rope, use your wrist to turn the rope, not your arm. When skipping rope, try not to swing your arms in a large amount, but flexibly rotate the skipping rope with your wrist, so that you can skip for a long time and not easy to get tired.

  1. Grasp the timing of the jumping rope and take off again

When practicing skipping rope, the most important thing is to take off. When the skipping rope passes over the knee, both feet must jump up immediately. This requires everyone's hands, feet and brains to be in sync. Too fast or too slow can cause our feet to trip over the jump rope. When jumping, don't jump too high, or you won't be able to jump after a long time.

  1. Master the height of the jump rope

If you jump too high, the rope will hardly touch the ground; if you jump too low, the rope will fall to the ground for a long time, which will increase the number of mistakes. Ideally, the skipping rope should only touch the ground with a length of about 20.

The last and very important point is to choose a suitable skipping rope. Choosing a good skipping rope can better help ex