Classification according to the anatomical structure of balls

1 Single layer ball This kind of ball can also be called one piece ball or one piece head ball, which is generally only used for practice or in the driving range. The sphere is made of hard rubber and painted.

2. Double sphere This kind of ball is also called a two body ball or a two piece head ball. It is the most commonly used ball. The outer surface of the ball center is made of hard rubber or plastic, or the shell is made of grass mixture The thickness is about 1mm. Different dry shells have different texture, composition, firmness, resistance, hardness, color and dent The same characteristics and efficiency are shown in the height, distance and rolling of the ball. The function of the ball cannot be inferred from its structure. Double layer ball, that is, a ball composed of a large center and a relatively thin shell, used to be called It is a "long distance ball". The flying distance of the ball is longer, because it has less backspin and higher speed, the golfer has a hard sense of hitting the ball. Advanced application It is now possible to produce such highly efficient ball for match. This kind of ball is soft and rotates fast, so it is favored by PGA Tour players. Current City Most golf balls with long flight distance or wear resistance on the golf course adopt this structure.

3. Triple ball The third layer ball can also be called the three piece head ball, which is only used by the players with high water level. Bread on the outside of a ball center made of rubber or plastic or a mixture about the size of a stick Wrap a thin rubber strip around the liquid filled bile like a thread ball, and the shell is a rubber product balata (gum). High level players like to use this kind of rubber core liquid ball, because It is easy to control and feel when hitting the ball. If the shot is not accurate, it is also easy to have cracks and cuts. In the past, those who liked to use the three-layer ball were all players who paid more attention to the rotation and soft feeling of the ball, so they would rather not pursue to hit the ball far away. The new The structure no longer has this disadvantage, because the ball's flight speed and resistance have been significantly improved. At present, most of the balls with the highest rotation and the best hitting feeling still use this A proven three-tier structure.

4. Multilayered sphere The more powerful the multi shell ball is, the easier it is to deform. Multilayer balls are designed and manufactured according to this principle, aiming to produce the best result with any hitting force. The ball center is designed to facilitate the use of the tee cup to hit the ball as far as possible; The middle layer is suitable for the iron pole to hit the ball vigorously; The shell is suitable for the best hitting feeling and half swing A swiveling ball for cutting and aiming shots. The newly designed ball starts to infiltrate titanium, tungsten, magnesium and other metal powders in the center and shell of the ball. The purpose of adding such metals to the ball is to strengthen its strength and change the inside of the ball Weight distribution. Materials science is one of the contemporary frontier sciences. It is no joke that its research results are applied to golf equipment, which may be pregnant with a revolutionary change. For this Some professional golfers joked that it would be better if there was a metal ball in the hole.