Power surfing, the joy of galloping in the water starts with understanding a board!
Surfing has become one of the most popular water sports nowadays. In order to find better waves for global travel, professional rangers travel to Australia, California and other destinations with the best wave conditions.
However, it takes a lot of time, manpower and financial resources to find the perfect wave point, but the season and time suitable for surfing is very short. Now, you can choose from new surfing methods that are superior to traditional surfing and can break the seasonal climate and wave point restrictions. The best surfboard that can perfectly adapt to any water environment condition - electric surfboard. For those who are not good at surfing, the fun begins with using modern electric surfboards.
These new water toys have been loved by many ronins as soon as they are on the market! In order to help you better understand the various surfboards in the current market, Xiao Bian listed the following electric surfboards. After reading them, tell me which one you like best!
Jetsurf Sport Electric Surfboard
Jeturf has designed an ideal electric surfboard for beginners and is equipped with a sports board. This plate is driven by a two-stroke 90cc fuel engine. Compared with battery-powered boards, this helps prolong the surfing time. The engine can provide more than one hour of endurance, using only 2.8 litres of fuel