The paddle is divided into hard board and inflatable board.
1 Advantages of inflatable board: portable
The inflatable board is deflated and then packed. The volume is similar to that of a 24-inch trolley case, which can be easily put into the car trunk.
The hard board cannot be folded!!! It is more than three meters long and four meters high. I'm afraid that most people can't stand up.
If you are a local tyrant, have a warehouse or villa in your home, or have a warehouse near the water playing place, you can consider the rigid board, or you can honestly choose the inflatable board. Now the technology is developing very fast, and some high-end brands' inflatable boards are also excellent. Even if they are used for speed racing, they will not be inferior, and of course the price is also very moving. ​
2 Advantages of hardboard: racing
At present, most of the hard boards on the market are used for racing, and more emphasis is placed on the stability of the board body, water efficiency, etc., so we can see that the shape of most hard boards is more like "canoe hull", "cabin", drainage design, etc.
Looking at these pictures of racing paddles, it is not difficult to see the design trend of the industry.
​Design of racing paddle
3 Material process and maintenance of paddle
For making hard board, people first used glass steel plate, and now mostly use carbon fiber board. Hard boards are hard by name, but they are really fragile. If there is no collision, their life is really long. Do not bump it. If it is broken or broken, repair it with proper glue and fiberglass cloth in time, and then polish it. Return to the factory for maintenance if conditions permit.
Inflatable board is made of space cloth, also known as brushed cloth, which is made of polyester products as the base cloth and is compounded with PVC film layer to form a high air-tightness inflatable material. A lot of glue is used to paste the inflatable board, so the problem is mostly glue. The service life of glue is generally 3-5 years. If there is a problem with the glue, it is generally recommended to return to the factory for repair after sales, because it can deflate and fold, which is an advantage that the hard board does not have.