If you are a "Lone Ranger" crashing in the wilderness, these equipments can ensure your safety! In this issue, we will mainly talk about the importance of "cycling gloves", one of the necessary cycling equipment, and how to choose a suitable pair of cycling gloves!
Moyou's hand is as important as a pianist's hand! Then, the function of cycling gloves is not only to keep warm and cold, but also to protect the hands of motorcycle friends!
Recently, there have been a lot of Moyou private messages to the editor, asking what kind of equipment is good? Questions about what equipment to buy! The editor answered like this: motorcycle riding equipment, the three necessary items are: helmets, gloves, riding shoes. Moreover, these three items must be bought, and cannot be settled! For example, in case you fall while riding alone, at least your hands are safe, allowing you to quickly call your family or friends for rescue!
One, hand in hand
Some motorcycle gloves are not the right size. If it is too large, the gloves will not completely wrap the fingers, and it will feel that the hands are swaying back and forth, so that after the crash, the hands are bare and the gloves are long gone! If it is too small, it will hinder the flow of blood. After a long time, the hand will become numb and cold due to poor blood flow! In fact: gloves are the same as helmets. It is not suitable to wear them smoothly. "It is difficult to get in and hard to get out, but it is comfortable to get in". This is the standard! Therefore, to choose a suitable pair of cycling gloves, you must first ensure that your hands fit!
In addition, you can't say that the gloves are almost enough after you buy them. Pinch the joints to see if they fit perfectly with the joints! If you feel the knuckle guards clump when you shake hands at the joints, then quickly change a pair!
2. Wear resistance
Some riders are afraid of heat and choose cloth mesh gloves! As everyone knows, these gloves are very poor in wear resistance! In the event of a crash, there is simply no way to resist the friction of the ground! Therefore, in terms of wear resistance, motorcyclists should choose leather gloves. The racing gloves of some professional drivers are made of sheepskin or kangaroo leather, and their wear resistance is 50 times that of cloth gloves and ordinary cowhide gloves. 10 times!
Therefore, don’t choose cloth mesh gloves just because the weather is hot. The editor recommends that everyone wear a pair of competitive protective leather gloves. Good leather has a good ventilation effect, and you won’t feel too hot when riding!
3. Softness
When buying riding gloves, you must first ensure that the key parts of the gloves have protective gear. The function of the protective gear is to absorb the impact force when the car falls, especially the fingers and palms!
But some gloves offer protection at the expense of softness. When you consider the safety of riding gloves, you must also ensure that the gloves are soft, otherwise, when you are riding, you will not use a lot of force when you constantly add and subtract the accelerator and pinch the brake clutch! If your gloves are too stiff, it will make your hands tired, and long-term riding will make you feel powerless and depressed!