As the saying goes, "If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools." There are more and more women practicing yoga, but have you all chosen the right yoga clothes? If you want to have a more accurate perception of your body when practicing yoga, it is very important to choose the right yoga clothes. When choosing yoga clothes, in addition to the most basic fabrics that are comfortable and breathable, what should you pay attention to?

Fit and elastic

Yoga has a lot of big body stretching movements. If you wear cotton and linen texture or clothes that are too loose, although the ventilation is good, you will feel a sense of restraint because the fabric is not elastic. In some yoga movements, there are postures such as handstand, head and feet, etc. If the clothes are too loose, there will be a situation of sliding down, and it is easy to disappear. The abdomen and legs are exposed for a long time. If sweating, it will cause When the body is cold, practicing yoga is to make the body healthier. If you get sick because of this, isn't it worth the loss?

Do not expose the belly button

The style of yoga clothes should be so that the limbs can be stretched freely and the whole body can not feel restraint. The cuffs of the top should not be tied too tightly and should be opened naturally. The trousers should be closed at the trousers. The trouser legs slide down.

Thickened non-slip yoga mat

In addition to yoga clothes, yoga mats are also important. This thickened yoga mat is very suitable for beginners, with full resilience and first-class slip resistance, which can protect beginners from injury. Its surface has striped anti-slip lines, which can provide a stable support for yoga and reduce joint pressure. When doing yoga on it, the joints can obviously feel the upward force, making you feel more comfortable doing yoga.

The first step in practicing yoga is to choose the right yoga clothes and yoga mats. With them, you are halfway there!