Many people regard fishing as an entertainment that is beneficial to their physical and mental health. Often fishermen do not aim at fishing, but cultivate an elegant taste. Those who like fishing will have a set of fishing equipment. The following are the types of fishing rods I have arranged for you. I hope you like them.
Fishing rod
The fishing rod is the main part of the fishing tackle. The fishing line, hook, plumb bob, float, etc. are all matched with the fishing rod and connected as a whole. In recent years, the traditional fishing rods made of bamboo, reed or bamboo reed are no longer used. Instead, various modern fishing rods are used, such as fiberglass rods, carbon rods, and fishing rods made of glass fiber and carbon fiber.
These fishing rods are characterized by light weight, good elasticity, great toughness, bending resistance, strong water resistance, fear of insects, convenient operation, and exquisite and beautiful appearance. In addition, there are computer automatic fishing tools and adjustable fishing rod racks, which are very popular with fishermen.
Fishing rods are divided into hand rods, sea rods and hand sea dual-use fishing rods. A short pole is below 2.5 meters, and a long pole is above 6 meters, so a medium long pole is between the two.
Long pole can be used for long shot, which is good for long line fishing. It is suitable for strong people. The short rod is flexible in operation and portable. It is a suitable fishing gear for fishing near water or fish pond, especially suitable for elderly anglers. The medium and long rods have the characteristics of both long and short rods. They can be used in a wide range of fishing, and can be used by young, middle-aged and old anglers.
According to the needs of fishing, there are three types
First, synthetic fishing line, nylon line
Including monofilament nylon line and multi strand nylon line. Monofilament nylon wire has strong tensile resistance, great toughness, non water absorption, corrosion resistance, high transparency, and is widely used. But in the cold season, the line will become hard and brittle; Long term exposure to the sun is prone to aging. Nylon wire is soft, pressure resistant, impact resistant, wear-resistant and cold resistant.
However, the wire diameter is relatively thick, opaque, poor concealment, and low tensile resistance. Except for a few fishermen who use it for winter fishing, they usually use it to make ropes, fish cages, weave nets, and protect fish.
Second, natural fiber fishing line
It includes silk thread and cotton thread, which are soft and low temperature resistant, and are suitable for winter fishing. In particular, the silk thread has a natural light yellow color, good concealment, and strong tensile resistance. It is not easy for freshwater ferocious fish to bite off the silk thread when it is used as brain thread.
Third, metal fishing line
When purchasing fishing lines, it is best to actually test their tension. The method is to use cloth bags to hold sand, tie up and hoist it, the sand weight when the line is broken is the actual tension of the line, and compare it with the calibrated standard to determine whether it is qualified.