The fishing rod is the most basic fishing tool. The original fishing rod is made of bamboo (now a few high-end fishing rods are still bamboo fishing rods). Later, the lightweight fiberglass fishing rods gradually replaced the bamboo fishing rods, and now almost They all use carbon fiber fishing rods with lighter weight and higher strength. Let's take a look at the types of fishing rods in the hand rods and their detailed introduction!

Hand rods are one of the two types of fishing rods, which generally refer to all fishing rods without reels. Due to the different lengths after shrinking, there are mainly two types: traditional rods and Taiwan fishing rods. Among them, traditional rods mainly include stream rods and gun rods. , and Taiwan fishing rods can be subdivided into several subcategories such as crucian carp rods, carp rods, comprehensive rods, combat rods, and large object rods.

traditional rod

  1. Traditional rod

Traditional rods generally refer to the hand rods used in traditional fishing methods. For example, traditional rods are used in long-rod and short-line fishing methods. Due to different usage and design, traditional rods can be divided into two categories: stream rods and gun rods. Among them, stream rods generally refer to A hand rod with a retracted length of less than 80 cm, while a gun rod generally refers to a hand rod with an extended length of more than 8 meters.

stream rod

(1) Stream rod: The stream rod is named because it is suitable for fishing in small waters such as streams. It generally refers to a hand rod with a length of less than 80 cm after contraction. It is characterized by short rod sections, many rod sections, and heavy rod body. Its performance is slightly inferior to that of long section poles. The more famous stream poles include Xiangfeng under Dijia, Xuelin under Guangwei, and Fengying under Falai.


(2) Cannon rod: Cannon rod generally refers to a hand rod with a length of more than 8 meters, which is designed for traditional fishing. 10 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters, 13 meters, 14 meters, 15 meters, etc., the more famous gun rods are the famous lake thing under Dijia, Chenhu under Guangwei, Taihu under Zhongkui and so on.

Taiwan fishing rod

  1. Taiwan fishing rod

Taiwan fishing rods were introduced to the mainland together with Taiwan fishing. They generally refer to hand rods with a length of more than 100 cm after shrinking. They are characterized by long rod sections, few rod sections, and light weight. The advantage is that the feel and fishing weight are very good, but the disadvantage is not as good as Stream rods are easy to carry, and can be subdivided into crucian carp rods, carp rods, comprehensive rods, and combat rods because of their suitability for different types of fish.

crucian carp rod

⑴ crucian carp rod: crucian carp rod is specially designed for crucian carp fishing. It is characterized by soft rod body, thin rod wall, light rod body and thin rod warp. The length is generally 3.6 to 4.5 meters, and the tone is generally 37 or 37 to 28 tunes, and the weight of 4.5 meters is generally within 100 grams. The more famous crucian carp rods include Dijia’s Laozhen, Guangwei’s Zhushan crucian carp, and Dongdao’s crucian carp.

carp rod

(2) Carp rod: The carp rod is a rod specially designed for carp fishing. It is characterized by the rigidity of the rod body, the thickness of the rod wall, the weight of the rod, and the thickness of the rod. The length is generally 4.5 to 6.3 meters, and the tone is generally 28 or 28. The tune is 19, and the weight of 4.5 meters is generally more than 120 grams. The more famous carp rods include Dawa's corrugated carp, Dijia's Dawushi, and Zhongkui's Zhongkui carp.

composite rod

(3) Comprehensive rod: The comprehensive rod is a fishing rod between the crucian carp rod and the carp rod. This kind of fishing rod stands out for its comprehensive performance. The advantage is that it feels better than the carp rod and has better strength than the crucian carp rod. The carp rods are not as good as the crucian carp rods, and the more famous comprehensive rods include Dawa's One Strike, Hua's Blindly EX, and Tianyuan's Langjian.

battle rod

⑷ Combat rod: The battle rod is a fishing rod designed for catching fish in the black pit. It is characterized by high hardness (generally expressed by H value) and high top fishing value. The high hardness is to quickly return to the fish after the fish is caught.

The top fishing value is high to be able to fly or copy. The more famous combat rods include Tianyuan's Black Pit Terminator, Dawa's Black Steel, and Guangwei's Kuaiji Carp.

big pole

⑸ Big object rod: The big object rod is a fishing rod designed for big fish such as herring and sturgeon. Compared with ordinary fishing rods, the big object rod has higher dead weight and greater fishing weight. There are three kinds of giant poles. The more famous ones include Langjian Daowu under Tianyuan, Blindly MAX under Hua's, Bawanghan under Fishing King, and One Hit Dawa under Dawa.