The fishing rod is the most basic fishing tool. The original fishing rod is made of bamboo (now a few high-end fishing rods are still bamboo fishing rods). Later, the lightweight fiberglass fishing rods gradually replaced the bamboo fishing rods, and now almost They all use carbon fiber fishing rods with lighter weight and higher strength. Let's take a look at the types of sea rods and their detailed introduction!

Two, sea pole

Sea rod is one of the two types of fishing rods. It generally refers to a fishing rod with a reel. When fishing, the reel and the wire loop can be used to release and take up the line. The poles can be subdivided into several sub-categories such as sea poles, rock poles, raft poles, Luya poles, Zhongtong poles, and front poles.

  1. sea pole

The sea rod is also known as the casting rod, the throwing rod, etc. The handle position is equipped with a reel and the reel is full of fishing line. When casting with force, the hook can be thrown far away. Unlike the hand rod, the sea rod Fishing alarms are generally used to indicate fish news. The more famous sea rods include Dijia's Yuetou, Guangwei's Tingtao, and Dawa's Black Jack.

rock pole

2, rock pole

The rock rod is a fishing rod between the sea rod and the hand rod. It can be used as a hand rod or a sea rod. Like the sea rod, the rock rod also has a reel and a wire loop, but the wire rod of the rock rod is compared with that of the sea rod. The sea poles are smaller and thinner than the sea poles. The more famous rock poles include Jifeng under Dawa, Feilong under Guangwei, and Tianji under Dijia.

raft pole

  1. Raft pole

The raft rod refers to the fishing rod used for fishing on the fishing raft. It is generally a two-section plug-in rod, and a few are vibrating rods with a length of 0.7 to 2.4 meters. , The rods are slightly smaller and densely distributed, and the rods are soft and very elastic. The more famous raft rods include Dijia's Hefeng, Guangwei's Heituo, and Dawa's Black Jack.

Luya pole

  1. Luya pole

Lure rods refer to fishing rods that use artificial bait for fishing. They are completely controlled by lure to catch fish. There are two types of lure rods with gun handle and straight handle lure rods. Among them, the gun handle lure rod is equipped with water drop wheel or drum wheel. , while the straight handle lure rod is equipped with spinning wheels. The more famous lure rods include Shimano's Zuo Master, Dawa's Yijing GL, and Abu's BLACKMAX.

front rod

  1. Front rod

The front rod is a fishing rod between the sea rod and the hand rod. The same with the hand rod is that the length is often longer and more rods are used for fishing. The same with the sea rod is that the front rod also has a small size. Fishing reels and wire loops. In addition, the length of the front rod can be adjusted according to actual needs. The more famous front rods include Red Jack under Dawa, Liudao Cai under Pacific, and Zhiying under Guangwei.

Zhongtong rod

  1. Zhongtong rod

The Zhongtong rod is a fishing rod between the hand rod and the sea rod. It is equipped with a fishing reel and runs the line inside. In theory, it can not only release the line to fight fish like a sea rod, but also experience fishing like a hand rod. Fun, in fact not the case, the more famous Zhongtonggan are Dawa's Heizhu, Dijia's Jinlong, Guangwei's Yingfeng and so on.