Tips for getting started quickly!
Water sports that can not swim and can also be used quickly!
Cool, fun and survival skills training, paddle is a water sport that can't be missed.
1. First of all, if you can't swim, you must wear a life jacket, and remember to tie it tightly to avoid leakage
2. Before launching, be sure to tie the foot rope to prevent the paddle from floating away after falling into the water
3. You can take a slipper or a walking shoe to avoid pricking your feet after landing
Key points of kneeling paddle board
Centered on the middle handle of the paddle
Kneel on the paddle and form an L-shape (don't sit - it's hard to exert force)
Straighten the arm and exert the core force throughout the stroke
Action essentials of standing paddle
Hold the paddle handle in one hand and the middle of the paddle in the other hand
Knee slightly curved oar inclined into the water and core power
Stretch your arm and paddle backwards
Along the direction of the ship
The longer the oar moves in the water, the better
The paddle surface is just right and completely submerged in the water, and the draft should not be too shallow or too deep. After being skillful, the hand that grasps the paddle handle can bend slightly to row farther