Türkiye style stand up pot lift
Exercise muscles: gluteus, hamstring, quadriceps, core muscles, shoulder muscles, upper back muscles
How to use kettlebells
1. Lie on your back with your right arm upright above your chest and hold the kettlebell. Bend your right knee, place your right foot flat on the ground, straighten your left leg, and pose diagonally to the left in a sitting posture to ensure that your right arm remains straight.
2. Continue to hold the kettlebell vertically with your right arm, and continue to sit up with your left forearm and left hand as support. Next, support the floor with your left hand and right foot at the same time so that your hips are off the ground.
3. Put your left leg behind you until your left knee touches the ground, then shift your weight to your right leg and get up. Keep your right arm upright throughout the movement. Repeat the above steps until you are back on the ground. Repeat the movement for 5-8 times on both sides of the body.
Training tips: Avoid using momentum to sit up, and keep your arms straight to hold the kettlebell.
Cup squatting
Exercise muscles: gluteus, hamstring, quadriceps, core muscles, biceps brachii, upper back muscles
1. Hold the kettlebell handle with both hands and stand in front of your chest.
2. Open your feet a little wider than your shoulders, keep your torso still, and squat behind your hips. When the top of your thigh is parallel to the ground and your elbows are between your knees, pause and then get up to resume your starting position. Repeat for 10-12 times.
Training tips: During the whole exercise, always keep the kettlebell close to your chest, and focus on "tearing the ground" with your feet to drive the gluteal muscles.
Back Lunge Lifting Pot
Exercise muscles: gluteal muscles, hamstring muscles, quadriceps femoris, core muscles, shoulder muscles, triceps brachii
1. Hold the kettlebell with one hand in front of the shoulder and stand with the kettlebell beside the shoulder.
2. Step back the leg on the same side of the pot arm to form a back lunge. At the same time, lift the kettlebell above your head until the knee of your back leg is only a few centimeters off the ground, and the arm holding the kettlebell is completely straight.
3. After a pause, put down the kettlebell and return to the starting position. Repeat for 8-10 times on both sides of the body.
Training tips: Keep your core muscles slightly tight and avoid arching your lower back too much to lift the kettlebell above your head.
Kettlebell lift
Exercise muscles: shoulder muscles, triceps brachii, forearm muscles, core muscles
1. Take a half kneeling position, grab a kettlebell with one hand and lift it in front of the shoulder, so that the flat base of the kettlebell is facing the ceiling.
2. Tighten the core muscles, lift the kettlebell above your head, and make sure not to change the position of the kettlebell. At this point, the forearm muscles and the muscles around the shoulder that play a stabilizing role will work hard.
3. Pause when lifting the kettlebell to the top, then put down the kettlebell and repeat the action. Repeat for 8-10 times on both sides of the body.
Training tips: Choose a kettlebell that is a little lighter than the dumbbell you usually use when doing (shoulder) push, to ensure that you can stabilize it.