Small dumbbells. When you look at the rows of dumbbells on the shelf, many people may even be confused.

In order to meet the different needs of different people, dumbbells also have different weights and specifications, and they are also divided into various materials and designs. Don't underestimate this small dumbbell. When you look at the rows of dumbbells on the shelf, many people may not even know the difference. Next, let's introduce some common ones!

  1. Rubber covered dumbbells. The so-called rubber coated dumbbells, as the name implies, are covered with a layer of rubber outside the dumbbells, and the interior is generally filled with stone powder or cement. The rubber covered dumbbell has a relatively small landing sound because of the rubber on the outer layer, but it will have a large volume. If it is used for a long time, it will have a rubber smell. It is too cold in winter, and it may become very hard or even crack.
  2. Dipped dumbbells. This is the iron block inside the dumbbell wrapped with dip molding, which is divided into smooth and non smooth surfaces. This kind of dumbbell is more common, and its color is more abundant than other dumbbells. The handle of this dumbbell is relatively short. Because the surface is dipped, it does not fade, and its service life is relatively long. Generally, girls use more dumbbells, which is generally not suitable for boys' strength training.
  3. Electroplated dumbbells. Its material is cast iron, and its surface has been treated with fine electroplating. This dumbbell has high density and high hardness. It is not easy to wear because of its high hardness. Compared with the rubber coated dumbbell, it is smaller in size, but its texture is too hard. When it bumps with other facilities, it will damage other things.
  4. Paint dumbbells. This dumbbell is painted after electroplating of cast iron. Painted dumbbells are similar to electroplated dumbbells in that they are resistant to falling and abrasion and have a long service life. This dumbbell will look better!, But the disadvantage is that when your athletes sweat, the baking varnish may have some peculiar smell.
  5. Sponge dumbbells. Maybe this kind of dumbbell sounds unusual. In short, the iron body of the dumbbell is protected by a layer of sponge. It is safer to use, but its weight is relatively small. The heaviest dumbbell is only 2 kg.
  6. Fill dumbbell with water. As the name implies, this kind of dumbbell needs to be filled with water. It is a plastic shell. Normally, there is little weight when there is no water in the dumbbell, so it is light and convenient for us to carry. At the same time, it can also adjust the water injection volume. The dumbbell can hold 1kg of water at most. If you don't think it is light, you can actually add almost fine sand to increase its weight.