Bait is an essential element of fishing. Without it, it cannot be called fishing. Many fishing friends often confuse the bait, bait, nest material and bait, which makes them unable to express themselves. So, what is bait? What kinds of bait are there? What is the difference between bait, bait, nest material and bait? Next, let's explain one by one.

1、 Bait. Any food used to lure fish to catch the bait during fishing can be called bait, including bionic bait used by Luya. Bait is a very broad concept. Bait, nest material and bait belong to the category of bait, even including fishing drugs. Liquid fishing drugs also belong to liquid bait.

2、 Bait. Bait mainly refers to wheaten food bait. Baits made of animal materials and plant materials can be called bait. Bait is the general term of wheaten food nest material and fishing bait, excluding live bait and bionic bait.

3、 Nest material. As the name implies, the bait used for nesting is called nest material. The main function of the nest material is to lure and retain fish. The nest material is more important than the bait. Small fishing drugs are also mainly added to the nest material, which can play a role in attracting fish, promoting food and retaining fish.

4、 Bait. The bait hung on the hook is called bait. The main function of the bait is to attract fish to bite the hook, which is a link of fishing. The flavor of the bait is generally lighter than the nest material, which can reduce the vigilance of the fish. Some fishermen often mistakenly call the bait bait, which is actually the wrong way to call it, because bait often includes nest material and bait. No matter what fish you catch, the formula of bait is very important. The combination of nest material and bait is reasonable, and you can often catch more fish.