Now sports shoes are all kinds, according to their functions, they can be divided into basketball shoes, football shoes, extreme shoes, jogging shoes, comprehensive training shoes, aerobic dance shoes, comfortable equipment shoes, casual shoes, etc. The types of sports shoes are very huge. Many sports have their relative shoes, but basically they can be divided into two categories, one is functional sports shoes, and the other is training shoes. Basketball shoes can be divided into power type and speed type. Tennis shoes can be divided into soil court shoes and rubber court shoes. Running shoes can be divided into long-distance running shoes and sprinting shoes. It is very important to choose a pair of sports shoes that are suitable for your feet. The following describes the correct way to choose several sports shoes that we have more daily contact with.
When you're about to start a running workout, it's important to know your foot shape and buy a pair of running shoes that fit your foot shape. Only then will your workout go smoothly, get results, and avoid injury. Picking out sneakers isn't terribly complicated, just follow a few steps.
According to different functional characteristics, sports shoes can be divided into the following five types:
1. Control action: suitable for moderate to severe varus feet, as well as people with higher body weight, it can improve the runner's control of the heel and running action, and can support the arch of the foot. Its external feature is the thickening of the arch of the foot, and the weight of the shoe is medium to heavy.
2. Shock-absorbing and cushioning: suitable for runners who have good running skills, use the forefoot or the middle of the foot to land on the ground, and use the sole of the foot and the outside to support. The weight of the shoe is medium to heavy with a thick sole.
3. Stable type: suitable for runners with mild to moderate inversion feet, supported by the middle and outer sides of the feet. The dead weight of the shoe is medium.
4. Competition category: suitable for runners with good running skills, light weight or mild varus feet. The self-weight of the shoe is light.
5. Off-road type: the sole is thicker and the groove is deeper, which is suitable for running on natural ground such as land and forest. The weight of the shoe is heavy.