What are the similarities between windsurfing and kite surfing?
The aerodynamic principles of sails and kites are basically the same. The principle of heading and steering relative to the wind is also relatively close. The control range of kites and windsurfers is carried out in a hemisphere. There are a small part of the same way of transporting plates. The logic of surfing is also close. The position of hydrodynamic force on the plate is different. The board forward principle of kite surfing is more similar to that of snowboarding. In most cases, the navigation is maintained by cutting the water body by the edge and the lower plate. The body of the sail is more similar to the hull. In addition to the need to use the edge of the upper plate body for high-speed steering, it is not necessary to use the edge during navigation. In addition, if the hydrofoil is added to the bottom of the plate, the navigation method under the foot is relatively close. However, the hydrofoil kite surfing inclines more