Nowadays, many people have learned about surfing, which is an exciting sport. Nowadays, surfing in China is becoming more and more popular. Many people will go to the seaside to surf. Do you know what kinds of surfing are? Next, let's share various ways of surfing.

The first is kite surfing. This sport is to stand on a small surfboard and control the traction wing, that is, a "big kite" with a height of about 20 to 30 meters. It glides back and forth on the sea and sometimes even rushes into the air.

Reclining board surfing refers to the surfer lying on his or her stomach or kneeling on a short and flexible surfboard to slide. This surfing method can better experience the pleasure of surfing and can make various flexible movements without standing up. It is also an ideal sport integrating learning and entertainment.

The simplest way is to surf the human body. Some enthusiasts will choose this method in order to pursue deeper stimulation. They don't need surfboards. Surfers just stretch their bodies, let the waves drive them to slide, and use their arms to change the direction of sliding. The only thing they can use is a pair of short flippers for acceleration.

The other is surfing in the shoals. The shoals love the combination of surfing and skateboarding. Surfers stand on short surfboards and slide in the shallow water area formed by the waves hitting the beach. That is, they complete the overall action by rushing the waves to the shore.