When the midsummer comes, the growth peak of fish will come. The midsummer is the season with the strongest appetite for fish and the best fishing season. When it comes to fishing, people first think of bait, and then unconsciously think of various colorful packages in fishing gear stores. What should we choose? Others will ask at the first time: What's a good recipe to share? In fact, bait is the best solution to the problem of wild fishing. There are many things that can be used as bait, even around you. This natural and semi natural bait is enough to handle any reservoir.

This is the most common and commonly used bait. The price is negligible, but the effect is obvious to all. The lake and reservoir can be used to kill people in all directions. Even if it is wrapped in various packages in the fishing gear shop, with different taste types and processes, the most important common point is that it is based on corn. Corn kernels are widely used and have excellent effects. Like earthworms, we are all too familiar with them, so this article just needs to read more. I would like to focus on the natural and original food that is not commonly used.

The reason why I first introduced the snails is that they are easier to get. When I get to the reservoir, I will catch a lot of them if I turn over the stones at my feet. Moreover, they meet my requirements better - they are good at catching big fish.
The snails are very useful. I often use them to catch carp in the reservoir. I use them happily. But when I recommended them to my friends, I got a message: I didn't use them less, but I didn't catch any fish. In my analysis, there are two reasons for not catching fish with snails: improper use and lack of waiting spirit.
There are only two ways of hooking with snails as bait, one is with a shell, the other is to break the shell and only hang the snails. The hook with shell is aimed at large fish weighing more than 10 kg. Large fish of this size have been used to eating fresh snails. Removing the shell will cause them to be alert, and carrying the shell is more deceptive. The method of hanging the shell snail is to break off the skirt under the shell with pliers, so that the snail can show a gap about a hook width. Some people like to use hooks to penetrate the snails as a whole according to the largest diameter of the snails. I do not advocate this. The snail meat is very flexible. The more the hook goes through, the more trouble the stickleback will have, which will cause the stickleback to be unstable and run away. I just put the hook between one third and one half of the diameter of the snails. In our fisherman's words, this is not to stop the conversation.

On the shelling hook, I read an article a few days ago. An angler said that when hanging the snail meat, the internal organs of the wild snail must be removed. At that time, I quietly transferred this article to the circle of friends without saying anything. As a result, within two hours, the voice of my fishing friends from all over the world was overwhelming. We should know that they were all experts at fishing big things with snails. Their opinion coincides with mine. To sum up, removing the internal organs of snails is the same as not fogging when using flour bait. What is the purpose of removing the internal organs of snails? It was nothing more than worrying about the dead earthworm like intestine dragging behind the snail. You know, when we fish with snails, the target fish will not be too small. Even half a kilogram of carp can suck the whole snails in one bite. Therefore, such concern is unnecessary. In addition, don't underestimate the role of the intestines of the snails. The contents of the intestines will spread slowly and continuously underwater, which is equivalent to the atomization of face bait and can play a very important role in attracting fish. Therefore, the internal organs of snails are not a burden, but essential for fishing.
In addition to improper use, there is another reason why snails do not go to fish, that is, there is no waiting spirit. You should know that the density of fish in the reservoir is very small, and no panacea will be snatched by fish when it enters the water. In some places, there are few carp caught every day, or even every few days. Therefore, no matter what bait you use, you should firmly stick to it and not give up just because you don't bite the hook for an hour or so.
Fishing with snails is actually very simple, but someone always complicates the process. Let me give two examples. Some people use a large amount of snails when nesting, so they buy snails, which is nothing in itself. However, he wanted to wash the snails mixed with mud that he bought. I was distressed to see that the effect of cleaning the snails had been discounted. I said that the sludge itself has a very good effect on attracting fish. No one will believe it. However, 30 years ago, I saw a traditional fishing method called "stepping on the beach" in the south. That is, people go down to shallow water, step on it with their feet, muddy the water below, and then fish with short rods. This fishing method is opposite to our idea of keeping the fishing spot quiet, but it is effective. The essence of this fishing method is to stir up and spread the mud under your feet to form the effect of luring fish. The purchased commodity snails are attached to the smelly black mud, which is the signal source for wild fish to find food. It's a pity that they are washed clean.
Another practice also seriously affects the effect of snails. Some people not only wash the snails before using them as bait, but also pour small drugs into the fresh snails to make them fully soaked. As for this practice, Cui Bingliang once said: Does a person's flesh become salty after taking a sea bath? It can't be true. If you soak the snails in a small medicine, the snails will become a small medicine? Neither. My understanding of the small drug Tianluo is to paint the lily. When fishing with snails, the target fish is usually the big fish that grew up in the wild. They have been completely accustomed to and adapted to the native snails from childhood to adulthood. They are completely unaccustomed to other flavors artificially, will not buy it, and will even be vigilant. Therefore, my conclusion on the practice of making small medicine with snails is to gild the lily.
Theoretically, both river clams and snails belong to mollusks, and the flesh of river clams can completely replace the snails. But I found through practice that the effect of river clam meat on catfish and herring is far greater than that of carp. Perhaps it is not professional for carp to eat hard clams, is it? Maybe it is because there are not many experimental reservoirs, and the fish situation in each reservoir is different, right? Maybe the big carp in some reservoirs will like the river clam meat, and the angler is worth a try.
River shrimp and small fish.
These two kinds of small things are also my common bait, especially when fishing at night, I always try them. There are always two tools in my fishing equipment in midsummer, a shrimp cage and a small eye for copying nets. The shrimp cage is used to catch river shrimp and small fish. As for net copying, we will talk about it later.
The shrimp cage can catch small fish in the daytime and small shrimp in the evening. It has a wonderful effect. The first purpose of catching small fish is to use it for reconnaissance, to see the variety and quantity of small fish. This is related to my bait type and status, and can even control my bait use ideas. For example, there are a lot of wheat ears and old fish. When I open the bait, I will consider the destructive factors of the bait. At night, when the small fish are quiet, I will use the meat of these two small fish as bait. According to my experience, if there are many small creatures in the reservoir, the fish in the water area will probably feed on them.
Yes, they are the grasshoppers jumping in the grass near the water in midsummer. There are big ones, small ones, green ones and earthy ones. Regardless of size and color, they can become bait, even very good bait. My eyelet is for catching grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are difficult to catch. They can't be caught too much, so they should be saved. They are easier to use when there is no trouble at night.
There are many fish that eat grasshoppers, not to mention carnivorous fish. Grass carp and Wuchang fish that prefer vegetarianism also like grasshoppers. Some people say that when using grasshoppers as bait, you need to remove the wings and small claws. I don't think it is necessary for small grasshoppers. Large ones can be hooked up in sections. Except for small Wuchang fish, other fish that eat grasshoppers have large mouths, which can be swallowed in one mouthful. The only thing worth noting is that the grasshopper will float in the water. If you use a double hook, it is easy to entangle the two hooks at the end of the plumb bob, so you'd better use a single hook. Another use of Xiaoyan Wonwang is to catch other small insects in grass besides grasshoppers, such as a large number of small moths. However, small moths are less effective on larger fish than grasshoppers, and they are more suitable for floating fishing for small fish such as horse mouth and small cocky mouth. Big moths can catch big fish.