What is an electric hydrofoil surfboard? The electric hydrofoil surfboard is mainly composed of board body, battery, motor, hydrofoil, propeller, remote controller and other core components. Compared with the ordinary surfboard, the electric hydrofoil surfboard adds a motor and a hydrofoil. The motor ensures the forward power of the surfboard, and the hydrofoil provides the possibility for the rise of the surfboard. The electric hydrofoil surfboard skillfully uses the flight principle of fixed wing aircraft for reference, and uses the hydrofoil, motor and propeller to build an underwater electric aircraft. Players can fly on the water by standing on the aircraft through the board. How to operate the electric hydrofoil surfboard? Novice players can lie on the surfboard first, with one hand holding the front of the board and the other hand holding the remote control, and slowly move forward by pulling the trigger; After gradually becoming proficient in the operation, turn to kneel on the board, and the speed gear of the remote control gradually increases; After more skilled operation, you can try to stand on the board, change the direction of travel by controlling your body, and control the speed of travel with the remote control; After you are fully proficient in the operation, you can try to use the high gear to fly off the water and experience the pleasure of "flying with a sword". What are the precautions for using an electric hydrofoil surfboard? Novice players must wear helmets, life jackets and other safety protection equipment throughout the whole process to avoid getting close to any sharp objects. When falling into the water, remember to fall towards the side of the surfboard. Don't panic after falling into the water. Release the trigger of the remote control and keep your hands and feet away from the propeller. Where can I use the electric hydrofoil surfboard? The electric hydrofoil surfboard can be used in any open water area of rivers, lakes and seas. It is recommended that the water depth be at least 1.5 meters, and the place where a large number of people gather should be avoided as far as possible. Can I use an electric hydrofoil surfboard if I can't swim? Players who cannot swim can use the electric hydrofoil surfboard to surf when wearing helmets and life jackets. However, considering that players who can't swim will panic when they fall into the water, it is suggested that players who can't swim should not play alone and try to play with friends who participate in swimming.