What is the best bait for fishing? Make a clear distinction between the three points, and then fish easily
I used to take a lot of bait with me when I was fishing. It was wasteful and tiring, and I couldn't catch any fish at last. Now, if you often bring only fishing rods and bait, you will have a good harvest and enjoy the fun of fishing easily.
So according to my own fishing experience, I summarized three ideas for preparing bait before fishing.
First: Season and climate

1. In spring and winter, the weather is cold and cold, the temperature is low, and the activity of fish is poor. Generally, I choose fishbait with fishy smell. The natural bait includes earthworms and red worms. The commercial bait uses fishbait with fishy smell that has good atomization effect.
2. In summer and autumn, the water temperature is higher, the fish are more active, and the taste is lighter. I usually choose commercial bait with sweet taste, or use natural food bait, such as wheat, corn and other bait, which can not only avoid small miscellaneous fish, but also often catch larger target fish.
Of course, this will also be adjusted according to the actual situation. In the cold winter, we used natural corn to catch big carp. For example, in the water area where fish are scarce, or in some fishing areas where people only like fishy bait all the year round (yellow catfish, pinfish, etc.), they also use fishy bait in summer.
Second: Where to fish
1. In rivers and streams, the range of bait selected according to the target fish species is also wide. Considering water walking, I usually use natural bait, such as earthworms, red worms, bread worms, wheat grains, rice grains, corn, small fish and shrimp, etc. If commercial bait is used, I will add wire drawing powder to reduce the atomization speed.
2. For reservoirs and lakes, according to the fishing method, the commercial bait with good atomization effect is generally used for fishing with hand rods. For fish with more miscellaneous fish or larger fishing size, cereal grains can be used for fishing. Occasionally use the caught small fish and shrimp as live bait to catch carnivorous fish (mandarin fish, bass, black fish, etc.)
Third: what fish to catch
You can't catch all the fish and use all the fishing methods at one time, or you will only be half hearted and laborious.
1. Carp, carp, grass carp, black carp, bream and other common fishing types can be fished with comprehensive commercial bait. You can also use natural grain bait (grain, wheat, corn, etc.) to avoid small fish and catch larger target fish.
2. For silver carp and bighead carp, I usually use sweet and sour or sour smelling commercial bait for fishing, or use fermented bean dregs, bean curd milk and other lighter natural bait with good atomization effect.
3. Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, pincer fish, Jiangtuan and other river fish like fishy bait, so they use natural bait such as earthworms, bread worms, animal livers for fishing all year round.
4. Small stream fishes such as Makou, Baitiao, Xiaotiaozui, Salmon and Tilapia can use natural fishbait as fishing (earthworms, small worms and shrimps). The bait closer to the stream's hunting environment can help fish relax their vigilance.
5. For carnivorous fish such as mandarin fish, black fish, bass, silver carp, etc., small hooks are usually used to catch small fish, shrimp, loach and other live bait, and then large hooks are used for fishing, or the Luya fishing method can be used.
In a word, the problem of fishing bait is not clear in one sentence or two. It is necessary to sum up experience according to the actual situation for a long time. Take only the bait you need, catch only the fish you want to catch, and enjoy leisure fishing easily.