What is the necessary equipment for surfing
1. Foot rope: It is an important accessory to ensure everyone's safety. When falling into the water, you can find the surfboard along it, and you can also ensure that the surfboard will not drift back to the shore or meet other surfers.
2. Anti-slip wax: no matter how good the surfboard is, wax it. The waxed surfboard can effectively increase the friction between the body and the board body, and is anti-skid and stable. It is more stable to stand on the board and easier to sit upright when sitting on the surfboard.
3. Clothing: It is recommended to wear anti-wear clothes in summer, which can prevent friction, water and sun; In winter, it is recommended to wear cold-proof clothing, which can effectively resist the cold and surf longer. In addition, beach shoes and quick-drying beach pants are also necessary.
4. Tail fin: surfboard can better accelerate and control the direction of tail fin. The caudal fin has single, three or five fins. Generally, the long plate adopts a single large tail fin, and the other ruler storage plates adopt a three-piece five-piece type.