What is water skateboarding and what equipment is required to play water skateboarding?
How to play water skateboard? When it comes to water skateboarding, everyone thinks it is a dangerous and challenging sport. In fact, water skateboarding is a very good sport for all aspects of the body. 1、 Tips for novice skateboarding
Water skateboarding is a combination of water skiing and surfing. Its playing method is basically similar to that of water skiing. The player puts his feet into the plastic boots fixed on the skateboard, jumps into the water, and after grasping the handle, the whole person "lies half" on the water, his knees close to his chest as much as possible, and the skateboard is half submerged in the water. The skateboard is pulled by a speedboat. Players should squat and slide for a distance, then turn to the left, and then stand up slowly. With the help of the stern wave of the boat, the player glides on the water and performs a variety of breathtaking actions, such as taking off and jumping in the air. One thing to note is that you must relax your arms when playing. Let the boat pull you out of the water. Don't pull the boat hard yourself. In addition, water skateboarding is a full-body exercise, and you should do some warm-up exercises before it. Water-skating is fast and popular with young people. It can steer a small boat in any direction, which is very popular with young people. When playing water skateboard, water will not directly give people friction, but can indirectly give people friction. Water directly gives friction to the skateboard, and the direction of friction is opposite to the direction of skateboard movement. The skateboard also gives people friction through the contact surface with people, and this friction is consistent with the direction of movement. The water skateboard has foot covers and is pulled by a speedboat. Similar to snowboarding, it is divided into single board and double board. The surfboard is wide, light and propelled by the waves. 2、 The difference between water skateboard and surfboard
To put it bluntly, water skateboarding is a water sport in which people "walk" on the water with the help of power traction. The so-called power can be divided into many types, including those that use motorboats, electric ropeways, and even cars and helicopters. Surfing is a water sport in which athletes stand on the surfboard, or use the web, kneeling board, inflatable rubber mat, rowing, kayak, etc. to control the waves. No matter what kind of equipment is used, athletes should have high skills and balance ability, and at the same time, they should be good at long-distance swimming in the wind and waves. 3、 What equipment is required to play water skateboard
1. There are many kinds of skateboards and water-skiing boards. Each type of board represents a type of water-skiing. The commonly used ones are jumping board, whirling board, pattern board, wakeboard, kneeling board, etc.
2. Thermal clothing: The purpose of a water skier wearing thermal clothing is generally several. One is to ski in low water temperature. The other is that the thermal clothing is made of synthetic materials such as sponge and rubber, and has a certain buoyancy. When the water skier falls into the water accidentally, it can help the water skier to float out of the water.
3. Life jacket. For safety reasons, several items of water skiing require the skier to wear life jacket, such as jumping and whirling. It is almost mandatory for beginners to wear life jackets. Because of the buoyancy of the life jacket, it can float after the skier falls into the water without drowning.
4. Water-skiing towline, which is generally 23 meters or 31 meters long, sometimes varies according to the characteristics of the competition or performance. The length of the jumping towline is 21.5 meters, and the length of the winding towline is 16.75 meters.