Glass fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber material, the inner material is expandable polystyrene (foam plastic).

Surfing is driven by waves and should be carried out on the seashore with wind and waves. The height of the waves should be about 1 meter, with a minimum of not less than 30 cm. The Hawaiian Islands have waves that are suitable for surfing all the year round, especially in winter or spring when waves come from the North Pacific Ocean. The waves are as high as 4 meters, which can enable athletes to slide more than 800 meters. Therefore, the Hawaiian Islands have always been the world surfing center.
Type of wave board:
1、 Long board: more than 9 feet long, suitable for beginners.
2、 Short board: below 7 feet in length, belonging to technical wave board.
3、 Gun board: narrow and long, designed to cope with big waves like Hawaii.
4、 Soft board: strong dynamic mobility, not limited by wave size, suitable for beginners.
5、 The floating raft has a wide surface and a slow speed change, which is suitable for beginners to practice on the wave board.
6、 Body surfing: without using any tools, the human body will float on the water surface in a shallow sea by swimming and move forward with the waves.