What's the use of waxing on the surfboard
What's the use of waxing on the surfboard
What's the use of waxing on the surfboard? Surfboards are sports equipment used by people to surf. Surfboard is a necessary tool for surfing, and you should be flexible when using it. Now let me share the use of waxing on the surfboard. Let's have a look.
What's the use of waxing on the surfboard 1
What to pay attention to when surfing
Surfers must abide by the rules of surfing starting and riding. One person, one wave, who is closest to the starting point of the wave wall has the first priority to stand up. At this time, the surfers who are competing nearby quickly brake or pull the board to stop surfing; In order to surf well, you must have the skills of diving and crossing the waves, have high fighting spirit and strong physical strength and muscles. Usually, please watch more surf videos, surf magazines, surf with more surfers, watch more, surf more and exchange experience with friends, so as to ensure that you can become a surfer soon; The best wave form of surfing is the wave that collapses in the middle and pushes forward on both sides. The most dangerous and worst wave is the wave that collapses in a row. Please go ashore and rest at this time.
What's the use of waxing on the surfboard
Surfboards are sports equipment that people use to surf. The surfboard originally used was about 5 meters long and weighed 50-60 kg. After the Second World War, foamed plastic boards appeared, and their shapes were also improved. The surfboard used today is 1.5 to 2.7 meters long, about 60 centimeters wide, and 7 to 10 centimeters thick. It is light and flat, slightly narrow at the front and rear ends, and has a tail fin that stabilizes at the back and bottom. In order to increase friction, a waxy outer film is also coated on the board. The weight of all surfboards is only 11-26 kg.
Waxing method of surfboard:
1. Put the surfboard flat with the board face up, scrape off the wax on the surfboard with the knife face of the wax comb, and clean it with a cloth. If you can't find the wax comb for a while, you can take a plastic card or replace the wax comb.
2. First, paint the bottom wax diagonally on the surfboard surface to increase the viscosity, so that the surface wax can play a good role.
3. After drawing one side, use the same method to draw the other side diagonally.
4. Select the appropriate surface wax according to the water temperature, and make a circular coating on the painted bottom wax.
5. Comb the sawtooth surface with wax to finish the wax.
6. After waxing, you can go to the sea, follow the sun with your heart, follow the waves with your body, and enjoy surfing until sunset, enjoy in the sea, consume our physical energy, and regain our energy, exercise our body, and experience the happiness of freedom.
What's the use of waxing on the surfboard 2
Tips for using surfboards
Surfing is a water sport in which athletes stand on the surfboard, or use the web, kneeling board, inflatable rubber mat, rowing, kayak, etc. to control the waves. No matter what kind of equipment is used, athletes should have high skills and balance ability, and be good at long-distance swimming in the wind and waves.
Surfing is a sport in which athletes lie down or kneel on the surfboard first and use their hands to row to a place where there are suitable waves as a starting point. When the wave pushes the surfboard to slide, the athlete keeps the surfboard in front of the wave crest, stands up, opens both legs naturally (usually the balance leg is in front, the control leg is behind), bends both knees slightly, follows the wave, and slides quickly.
Precautions for surfboard
1. When carrying the surfboard, pay attention to the turning place, and put it gently on the ground. When it is windy, put it on the sand and cover it with sand to avoid being blown away by the wind.
2. When walking out towards the sea with the surfboard in hand, the angle of the surfboard in hand should be straight. Never put the surfboard in front of your body to prevent the waves from hitting your body.
3. When the surfboard rushes back to the shore from the open sea and the water depth is about 30 cm, please get off the board immediately to avoid the surfboard directly hitting the stone.
4. When the surfboard collides with the waves, never use your hands to pull the safety rope and surfboard to avoid hand injury.
5. When surfing, please keep the distance between each person at sea as long as two surfboards.
6. When you are a junior surfer, please pay attention to check the equipment before entering the water. Check whether the wax block has been hit, the safety rope and the life jacket have been checked, and warm up for 20 minutes before you can go into the sea to surf.