Why should we wax the surfboard? How to maintain and clean the surfboard
It is inevitable that small wounds will occur after a long time of riding the wind and waves. When there are wounds, they need to be repaired in time! Avoid secondary injury! However, regular thorough cleaning and maintenance can prolong the life of the surfboard
Service life, come to the article to see why the surfboard needs to be waxed and how to maintain and clean it!
1、 Why should the surfboard be waxed
Surfboards are our entertainment tools. Of course, the best surfboards need to be waxed. Waxed surfboards can effectively increase the friction between the body and the board body, and prevent
Slippery and stable, it is more stable to stand on the board and easier to sit straight on the surfboard.
Surfboard wax (anti-slip wax) is a special wax, mainly composed of wax, vegetable oil, rosin, resin and natural essential oil- Generally, two kinds of wax are used, bottom wax and surface wax.
Most of the surface waxes are optimized for different water temperatures. Different surface waxes are used according to different water temperatures, usually including 3A hot water wax (water temperature above 24 ° C), warm water wax
(water temperature 18-24 ° C), cold water wax (water temperature 14-18 ° C), and cold water wax (water temperature below 15 * C).
2、 How to maintain and clean the surfboard
In order to maximize the function of the surfboard, it is necessary to maintain and maintain it frequently. How to maintain and clean the surfboard?
1. Surfboard cleaning
Rinse and wipe after each use, the sea water will cause considerable damage to the integrity of the surfboard, especially when it is subject to some collision and impact, the salt will pass through
The small wound of the wound penetrated from the inside and caused damage. Rinse with fresh water after each surfing. This is easy to achieve and won't take too much time.
In addition to washing, deep cleaning is also required after several surfing. Maintain in different ways according to where you surf and how often you stay in the water.
2. Maintenance of surfboard
(1) Prepare to open the board
The first step is always the most challenging. The first step is to confirm that there is no old, sand and dirty wax on the board. It takes a while to clean up the old wax. Put the surfboard on
A place with sunshine. Sunlight helps to soften the wax. In this way, it is much easier to melt the hardened wax. There is no sun to use the hair dryer, whether from the sun or blowing
The heat of the machine should be moderate and not overheat, so as not to damage the surfboard.
(2) Diagonal oblique cutting with wax comb
Before waxing, scrape the wax off the surfboard with the knife face of the wax comb and clean it with a cloth. If you can't find the wax comb for a while, you can take a plastic card or replace it
Replace the wax comb. The surface is almost scraped. Pour some warm water on the board. Soften the residue with warm water and wipe it off with a wet cloth.
(3) Use a surfboard cleaning spray
After warm water cleaning, there will be some residues on the board. In order to clean more thoroughly, you can use the surfboard cleaning spray. Apply evenly on the surfboard according to
The use time in the manual shall be wiped clean at last.
(4) Coat with coconut oil
The last step is to wipe the entire surfboard thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to protect the board. Apply it after the air blower -- layer fresh wax or finishing spray.