The infinite energy of nature has created waves of beautiful waves. People can look at the vast ocean with a board. The various surfboards carefully created by craftsmen give us a chance to be closer to the different emotions of the ocean.
With the rapid development of surfing for nearly a hundred years, it has matured and evolved various styles and playing methods. Some people prefer the retro and elegant single rudder long board, while others prefer the strength and handsome short board
Let's meet the tall, short, fat and thin surfboard family.
The design structure of the surfboard. Each part of the surfboard determines the characteristics of a board in a down-to-earth way. A general understanding of which parts cooperate to control the dynamic state of the surfing process is very helpful for selecting a surfboard of your own and better understanding the corresponding needs of different wave conditions.
Source of surfboard structure: The head, edge, surface, bottom, arc (camber), rudder (caudal fin), ridge (keel), and tail of the board are the basic structures of each surfboard, and each part has its own role.