About bait
Bait is the bait that is thrown or "stuffed" into the water to attract fish to the fishing area. It is often used for rough fishing. Bait can be made by anglers or purchased in advance by bait manufacturers. There are many different types of ground bait that can be used to target specific fish. The size of ground bait may vary depending on the size of bread crumbs, the type, color and smell of seeds. The angler can also mix the additives into the bait to change its hardness, so that once in the water, the release or decomposition of the bait can be controlled.

Bait technology
Depending on the magnitude of the stream and the depth of the water (in an angled angle), this is the sweet rough barley malt wort. You can peck at it or peck at it for a mouthful and a half. Then put it in a kettle and boil it, heating one or two is enough: then put it into a bathtub through a bag. This wine is often good for my horse. When the bag and malt are nearly cold, put them at the water's edge, about eight or nine o'clock at night, rather than before the night: sprinkle two parts of the bait into the bag and squeeze your hands tightly; It will immediately sink to the bottom; And make sure it can be placed where you want to lean: if the stream is moving fast or slightly, pour the malt up a little bit. You can close the malt quickly between your hands,
In this way, your ground will be fixed by the bait, and you will stay near the playground all night. Your schoolbag and other positioning and ground bait will stay in your suitcase; In the morning, at about three or four o'clock in the morning, visit the waterside, but not too close, because they have a cunning attendant who also pays attention to themselves.
Then, gently pick up one of the three rods and hook the hook; Pour it on the ground bait, and then gently and quietly attract it to you until the wire stops in the middle of the ground bait.
The food is a mixture of various natural ingredients, such as fish meal, bread crumbs, vanilla sugar, hemp seeds or oil, corn and other ingredients, which are then moistened with water to form a ball. Then throw the balls into the water of the fishing ground. According to the mixture of ground bait, these balls may break quickly and form a "cloud" in the water that attracts a large number of fish ingested by reclaimed water, or sink into the water bottom and slowly release the feed to the fish species that feed on the water bottom. The number of bait is optimized to attract as many fish as possible to the fishing site, so as to stimulate them to eat without overfeeding, which will prevent the fish from being bitten. Anglers can use bait (or swim) at the fishing site a few days before fishing, and then restore the fish's appetite in a short period of time before fishing begins.