There are two basic types of professional outdoor camping tents, one is a double-layer tent with its own pole, and the other is a lightweight tent that can be built with trekking poles. These two tents are comfortable and easy to use. , weight and other aspects are excellent.
1. Double-layer tent
A double-layer tent is generally composed of 5 parts, an inner tent, an outer tent, a tent pole, a ground nail, and a windproof rope. The inner tent is generally made of a combination of two materials, the bottom is waterproof Oxford cloth, and the top is mesh. The tents are generally waterproof. Double-layer tents are our more common tents. They are very easy to build and have a good experience in use. The weight is slightly heavier.
Double-layer tents are also divided into various styles. Generally, there are self-supporting tents, semi-self-supporting tents, tunnel tents, etc.
2. Self-supporting tent
Self-supporting tents are very common. Most of us choose tents of this type. The easiest way to set up is to maximize the internal space with only two tent poles, which is very practical.
3. Semi-self-supporting tent
Semi-self-supporting tents use tent poles, windproof ropes, ground nails, etc. to expand the tent to maximize the internal space. This kind of tent generally uses less poles, and the expansion is pulled by windproof ropes, so it is relatively more Lighter, generally outdoor hiking and mountaineering people choose more, and now this kind of tent has gradually become popular, and more and more people like it.
tunnel tent
A tunnel tent looks like a tunnel, and its construction requires the help of some ring poles. Compared with other tents, the tunnel tent has a larger space and has a very good level of comfort. It is generally suitable for weekend camping.
4. TARP tent
TARP: You can understand it as a tarpaulin, a canopy, etc., which means a simple tarpaulin, very light in weight, TARP has many shapes, of which the square is the most common, and old drivers can generally use TARP to build more than ten different styles 's shelter.
TARP tents are also popular at the moment. They are generally single-layer tents, and their weight is only half of that of double-layer tents. Some TARP tents are equipped with built-in floors and insect nets. The biggest disadvantage of TARP tents is that the inner wall is easy to accumulate water. When camping in a wet place, you can wake up feeling wet in the morning.
All parts of the TARP tent are connected together and can be built with special poles or walking poles. Common TARP tents are A-type, pyramid-type, and double-cone.
5. Type A
Type A is actually a canopy. It is a piece of cloth, which is then built into the shape of A, which can provide shelter for several people. If you want to use it in the wind and rain, you must have other protective measures, otherwise it will be difficult to Use in heavy rain and windy weather. Because it is easy to use, it can be used in a wide range, and it is generally very convenient to build. A trekking pole or a rope can basically build it.
Pyramid TARP
Pyramid-shaped TARP is also called conical tarp. It has very strong weatherproof ability. Generally, it can be built with a tent pole. The inclined tent wall can effectively prevent wind and rain. Its inclined design makes it more durable. It is prone to condensation, but it is much better for privacy and weather resistance than the A-type tarp, and you can buy some additional accessories to make it more comfortable and versatile.