Four piece suit
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In people's daily life, the "four piece set" usually refers to a four piece set of bedding. As its name implies, it is a bedding consisting of four sets. The necessary elements are a pair of pillow cases, a quilt cover, plus a bed sheet (bed sheet type) or a fitted sheet (bed fitted type) or a bed skirt (bed skirt type).
Four piece suit in Chinese and four piece suit in foreign languages
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Pure cotton cloth can be generally divided into: medium weave cloth, twill cloth, plain cloth, satin cloth and jacquard cloth. The density of medium weave cloth is the highest, followed by twill cloth, and plain cloth is the lowest. The bedding can be divided into: four piece fitted sheet sets (1 fitted sheet, 1 quilt cover, 2 short pillowcases); Four sheet sets (1 sheet, 1 quilt cover, 2 short pillow cases); Four piece bedspread set (1 bedspread, 1 quilt cover, 2 short pillow cases); Five piece bedspread set (1 long pillow case more than four piece bedspread set); Four piece bed skirt set (just like the four piece bedspread set, the bedspread is replaced by a bed skirt, while the five piece bedspread set has an extra long pillow case). The rest of the six piece sets, seven piece sets to twelve piece sets, have a few extra pillows, throw pillows, etc.
The fabric used in the silk four piece set is generally 16MM, 19MM (MM: Mm), and the fabric style can be generally divided into plain color, printing, jacquard, hand painting, etc. The others are basically the same as the cotton four piece set.
Pure natural regenerated fiber. Tencel has the following specifications:
Fineness: 1.4dex, 1.7dex, 2.4dex, 3.3dex
Average length: 38mm 51mm (suitable for cotton spinning and medium length spinning) 60mm 80mm (suitable for wool spinning system) Tencel has two types: one is standard type (G100), which is fibrillar Tencel, and the other is A100, which is called non fibrillar Tencel.
Bamboo fiber
Bamboo fiber is a new kind of natural fiber, which is made by physical and chemical methods. There are essential differences between natural bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber. Bamboo fiber belongs to natural fiber, while bamboo pulp fiber belongs to chemical fiber. The successful development of bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber, which conforms to the national industrial development policy. Natural bamboo fiber has good properties of moisture absorption, air permeability, antibacterial, deodorization, UV protection, etc.
Silk floss
Silk floss is a thin piece of floss made from the cocoon layer of thick skinned cocoons and pupa linings that cannot be reeled after the cocoon is lowered and the end of silk reeling is dropped.
By style
European style
European style can be divided into Nordic style, simple European style and traditional European style according to different regional cultures. The pastoral style prevailed in Europe in the 17th century, emphasizing the change of linear flow and gorgeous colors. It is based on romanticism in form, colorful fabric, luxurious and rich in style, and full of strong dynamic effect. The other is rococo style, which likes to use light and thin curves to decorate, and the effect is elegant and kind. The European palace nobles prefer this style.
Silk four piece set
Silk four piece set
Chinese style
In China, people pay more attention to the local decoration and the overall style of the home environment. Home textile products are used in the living environment, which is the highlight of the overall harmony. We must consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function, and pay attention to the unity of the local decoration and the overall style of the home environment. Moreover, one third of people's lives are in a state of sleep. Whether the human body can get enough rest during sleep largely determines the health of the body. Both advocate the health and environmental protection of household products, and have developed a series of health care products such as cotton and linen, chrysanthemum pillows, maifan stone pillows, latex pillows, neck protection pillows, etc. If the gift should be given according to the object of the gift, the newlyweds should be happy. If you want to send a new friend to another place, you should consider the environment of the new place. For daily use, simple, convenient and practical single piece combination is a good choice. You can often change colors according to seasonal changes and personal needs to create a different atmosphere. The choice of bed products should vary according to the seasons. For example, fresh colors can be selected in spring and summer, jumping colors can create a fresh atmosphere, and warm colors can be selected in winter to set off warm visual effects. The quilt series should be about 3 jin in summer, 4-5 jin in spring and autumn, and 6-8 jin in winter. At the same time, it depends on personal habits and local climate.
Features: many interlacing points, firm texture, smooth surface, the same front and back appearance, good wear resistance, good air permeability. But the density is not high, and it is relatively thin.
B. Twill fabric: a common mid-range product. The cost of this kind of weave products is higher than that of similar plain weave products. Warp or weft yarns can only be interwoven once at least every two yarns. By adding warp and weft interweave points, the fabric structure can be changed.
The characteristics are: positive and negative; The interweave point in a complete organizational cycle is small and the floating line is long; The handle is soft, the density of the woven fabric is high, and the product is relatively thick;
C. Satin fabric (damask): It is mainly used for medium and high grade bedding products, and the cost of such weave products is higher than that of similar twill weave products. The fabrics woven with satin weave are collectively referred to as satin fabrics. The warp and weft of satin weave are interwoven at least once every three, so this weave makes the fabric more dense, so the fabric is thicker.
Features: positive and negative; The texture is soft, the cloth surface is smooth and glossy; In a complete weave cycle, the number of interlacing points is the least, and the float line is the longest. The fabric surface is almost composed of float lines of warp or weft; The cost of this kind of weave products is higher than that of similar twill weave products.
D. Jacquard: The jacquard fabric is woven when weaving. After the cloth is formed, you can't choose the pattern again