Look at the world in a different position
Stay away from noise and return to simplicity
Give yourself to the mountains and the sea
Paddle, surfing, snorkeling, mountaineering
Explore the inner self
Paddle yoga SUP Yoga
The origin of paddle board was founded in early years by Hawaiian surfing coaches to facilitate movement when teaching students.
The paddle board is longer and thicker than the surfboard, relatively light, easier to grasp, not easy to sink, shallow draft and small resistance. It can be rowed even faster than the average canoe. The sports ground of paddle can be easily moved. Swimming pool, lake, sea, and even water park can let people bathe in the sun, enjoy nature, and look at the world in a different position.
Water paddle yoga is an outdoor exercise that combines yoga postures and paddle sports. Paddle yoga is also called "SUP Paddle Yoga". As the name implies, it is a yoga practice on the paddle on the water.
This yoga is derived from paddle board and is popular with women in Europe and America. It is a very small sport in China. Paddle yoga, as an outdoor sport popular in Europe and America in recent years, skillfully integrates the stimulation of surfing and relaxation of yoga.
Paddle yoga has gradually become a necessary punch sport in the fashion sports circle, and female stars are also challenging in variety shows. Every step is a breakthrough from strength control to body stretch.