Practical dry goods: standing paddle full paddle strategy
The sport introduced here is called SUP. In Chinese, it is called "vertical paddle" sport, also called standing paddle.
SUP stands for standing pulp board. This sport originated from the traditional surfing in Hawaii in the early 1960s. At that time, a group of Hawaiian surfers were called Waikiki's Beach Boys. "Beach Boys Surfing" is another name of SUP, because it takes pictures of tourists standing on an elongated surfboard learning to surf.
Later, in order to manage a large number of students conveniently, the surfing coach thought that the coach who can stand on the paddle board can easily control the scene and observe the waves. At present, in warm coastal resorts around the world, the trend of standing paddle is irresistible, and because of the popularity of many professional surfers, celebrities and stars, standing paddle can be seen in safe waters around the world. One advantage of standing paddle is that you don't need ocean and waves. You can also wave in the still water of local rivers and lakes. There are many ways to play stand up paddle, including the following.
1. Surfing: Standing paddle is basically a surfboard that takes a long time. Surfers can not only catch waves better and faster with oars, but also reach waves earlier.
2. Travel: Although standing paddling started with surfing, it is now widely known as paddling. Stand up paddle tours are for those who want to travel long distances. They can be carried out on lakes, rivers and bays.
3. Cruise: For most people who just want to have some fun, standing paddle cruise is very easy. Standing paddle movement can be carried out in any safe water area, including rivers, lakes, wetlands and reservoirs.
4. Speed racing: For standing paddle racing, you need a long board specially designed for speed. The sports board usually has a large fin at the bottom, which is very helpful for water diversion and tracking. Rowing competition is a contest between strength and high-level balance skills.
5. Whitewater: Standing paddle paddling is an important technical and adventurous sport, which should be studied and tried after some training. When you can do white water rowing, you must wear a helmet.
6. Fitness: Standing paddle is also good at fitness. It can work on muscles you don't even know about, such as toe muscles, long stroke, good exercise for your cardiovascular system, and your core muscles to improve your balance. If you want to keep quiet, you can do a standing paddle yoga, isn't it fashionable?
7. Fishing: paddle can also be used for fishing. Sit or stand on the paddle so you can see deeper and wider waters. Of course, in order to maintain stability, necessary accessories should be added to the paddle used for fishing.